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3 September 2009


Only after 2 days I got the chance to write here of what happened for the past 2 days after the weekend plus the Independence day we celebrate on 31August 2009.

It was a real shock when I arrive office to see the door knob was somehow damaged and without any extra surprise..someone broke into the office and took our 4 units of LCD monitor and CPU. Told the GM and went to Police Station to report. Well I guess with the unsecured door this thing can happen at any time as we dont have any extra support to protect the office equipment..nor alarm neither grill to cover up. Probably there is blessing..I guess as we cant blame anything..Luckily they dont damage other items or take away our printer or fax. Thanks Allah swt for still give us the chance. The burgular really did a clean job and they got away with easy money. Regret...feeling it much coz only if I exchange the monitor with mine..dont think they will carry the bulky ones..I guess.

What ever it is...hope nothing will happen as now we all are using laptop instead until everything is in order.

02/09 Arrive at Mom's place and Mom told that Shila's father passed away last night. Innalillah.... Went to office to send the laptop for the girl to use and rush to Shila's house for visit. What a good month for her father to leave us behind. Ramadan where all devils/evil are being caged and locked except for the devil who disguise into human..heheh

03/09 Tired but still need to write something for things happened during the days..Wish I got the chance to write frequently..

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