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6 September 2010

Ramadan 27 : Invitation for break fasting by Galileo

Alhamdulillah...we are now on 27 Ramadan meaning that we have fasted for 27 days!  We had invitation by Galileo for iftar in Dewan Merak Kayangan Felda and I will be attending the event wit the staff, Ima and Ain this time.  The non so interesting part is that I will not be eating with my family but well once in a while!  Since then I have to go back and cook for them as dhubby would not go out and taking the kids and be hassle.

The sad part is I had break from fasting twice this Ramadan 23 - 27 Aug and now tody again starting 03 Sept till today! and seems no sign of stopping.  waaaa so much days to pay back ahh

Last Saturday, 04Sept  was my birthday but no one in the family remembers the day especially dhubby sob sob but feel relief coz I got wishes from FB frenz and school mates..and that night when dhubby online FB he realized he have miscount the date! waaa

p/s : not sure if he thot that tomorrow is 04 Sept or he forgot the date or perhaps he forgot my birth date hurmmm

Pictures from our dinner with performance, meeting friends of previous company, friends from other travel agency..we talk and eat, eat and talk until time to goes off.

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me with ex staff Nana and another travel agent 

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me, Nana, Ain and Ima

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