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30 November 2010

Nuffnang tarik balik earnings!!

November 30, 2010
Nuffnang tarik balik earnings!!
huhuhu...Nuffnang tarik balik my earnings atas alasan duplicate entry?? Ohhh MG I was so happy bila tengok figure yg x seberapa earlier since I bukan lagi blogger tegar but getting the email for the so called duplicate entry have quite make me sad..sob sob sob :(( :((
  • System Message - Duplicated earnings issue

To gee_hamid@hotmail.com
From:Nuffnang (noreply@nuffnang.com) 
Sent:Friday, 26 Nov, 2010 1: 48 PM
Dear Nuffnanger,
Due to a system error, your global CPC earnings for the week of  14th-20th November were duplicated when the earnings were credited yesterday (25th November). You are receiving this email because your account was affected.
We have made the necessary adjustments to our system and you may find that your displayed earnings will be slightly different from the 25th of November due to this.
We apologize for this error and any inconvenience caused to you. 
Thank you for bearing with us.

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27 November 2010

Setting up plans..just another family matter

November 27, 2010
Setting up plans..just another family matter
Wanted to take leave but work,...work and work need me more then already confirmed for a candidate for interview..Mohd Mustaqim.  Not bad appearance and seems to have good sales and marketing skills..well still believe in "dont judge a book from its cover".  After Friday prayer, straight back home to pickup the girls for the next destination..AU2 Keramat!  Arrive and chat and discussed (hehehe informal arr) for the hottest issue..my sister Uda marriage problem! Then Adik came home think about 1830 for the same issue and get firm for what need to be done (will blog the strategy with this happen).  Well anywhere reason to visit my Kak Lang is not only on Uda problem (yeah its major issue!) also to get the new bread from the new machine he bought for the business.  hehehe I end up at AU2 till about 0200am...hahahha as the plans was also being explained to Afif as he is the only person that can pass the message. We had dinner, guess fit to be called supper at almost 0145am.  Wow wat a visit! Missed my bed too.  
And the girls was soooo excited and have their happening meet up too!

On Friday 26 Nov, Kak Lang visit me till almost 1200midnight also for the same issue and it was a nice visit since it rains heavily and the sounds of the rain drops really reminds me to childhood..ohhh wat a nice memory!

Dreamy Cheese for oven bake
Dreamy cheese ready to eat!
Pine Sausages into oven!
Add caption
Talking bout the bread... its sooooo yummy and I bought 12 pcs.  Its sooo smooth and so soft and nice for sure.  Do visit www.rosskitchen.blogspot.com for more details and if you guys want to try the homemade buns, please do not hesitate to call Chef Ross.  Anyone who is craze on Brownie and alcohol free Tiramisu should get from him..

the BDay Boy
Happy 23rd Birthday

Cheese cake...very nice by Baker's Cottage

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26 November 2010

Wanna use your BB as modem..try this!!

November 26, 2010
Wanna use your BB as modem..try this!!
For a mysterious reason T-mobile never tell their blackberry customers that they can use the blackberry device as a modem to access the Internet from a laptop or PC. But as you are about to read the blackberry can be actually configured to be a modem to connect to the Internet using the laptop.

This can be easily done using the T-mobile DASH ( Check link Below) but on the blackberry there are some configurations you need to do. Please note that I have tested this on a T-mobile blackberry Curve, Perl, and blackberry 8800. But from what I have read, the procedure is almost the same for blackberry users with different carriers.

To successfully connect to the Internet on your laptop using the blackberry as a modem, you need to have the Blackberry Desktop Manager software installed on your computer, and be connected to the blackberry.

Then right Click on My Computer and go to Manage. once you get to the Computer Management console, click on Device Manager. click on the + sign, next to theModems icon:

Right-click on Standard Modem and go to Properties. ( if you don’t see the standard modem on the list, you need to create one. leave a comment to give you the instructions)
When the modem property window comes up, click on the Advanced tab and type the following command on the Extra settings window:
+cgdcont=1,”IP”,” wap.voicestream.com”
Click OK and close out of all the windows.  Now, right-click on My Networking Placesicon and go to properties, when the network connections window comes up, click onCreate a new connection:

Follow the wizard. click next on the following window. choose Connect to the Interneton the following screen. choose Setup my connection manually on the next screen.   select Connect using a dial-up Modem, and click next .
On the next screen, choose the modem we configured above:

Once the Standard Modem is checked, click on Next. On the next screen type Blackberry Modem as the ISP name. Click Next. As a phone number type *99# on the next screen. Choose to use the connection for yourself only, click next.
On the next screen, uncheck, Make this the default Internet connection, and click next. click Finish on the following screen. As soon as you click on the Finish button, the connect the blackberry modem should come up:

Click on the Properties button on the window above. then click on the Networking tab, then make sure the Internet Protocol TCP/IP option is selected, and click on Properties:

On the following Window click on the Advanced tab. Uncheck Use IP Header Compression under the PPP link option:

Once that is unchecked, click on OK and exit out of all the windows. To connect to the Internet using the blackberry as the modem, go to Start, Connect to and chooseBlackberry Modem when the dialing window comes up: click on dial without any username or password.

The modem should connect successfully. Let us know on the comments section if you have any problem.

Good Luck!

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23 November 2010

Stop Child Abuse

November 23, 2010
Stop Child Abuse
As a human and specifically as a mother, I really want everyone concern in making sure that no more child abused.  As an adult and civilized human, we should put this to a stop and protect them from being harmed especially for sexually abused.

It is difficult task but someone and somewhere we have to put a stop to ensure that our young generation will lead to a better lifes

There has been much controversy about, good touch, bad touch, education. What age should the child be introduced to this lesson? Who is allowed to bathe the child, it is OK if the health care provider has to look or examine. The emotional maturity of the child must be taken in consideration. As well as the parental presentation, and how they deliver the message.
We must teach and educate without inducing fear and creating stranger phobia. We want our children to know there are many good people in the world at the same time, know when to communicate when situations go awry.
My dream is that we start out early educating our children. Role modeling good parental discipline with love and nurturance. This will carry over to the next generation. Parents who become so angry that they emotionally berate a child or they are physically assaultive are all forms of abuse. One does not have to actually touch a child to be abusive. Appropriate expression of anger is very important. The emotion “anger” gets a bad rap in our society. It is associated with emotional and physical violence. to another.
By educating our children on communication techniques,on realistic awareness of strangers not the old ,”stranger danger” mantra we can empower them to be stronger and hopefully avoid further abusive environments. Our children need to have a foundation of good values role modeled by the parents and have a safe harbor for them to go to.
Recognize their feelings, never diminish or minimize how one is truly feeling. Only through work, and effort will this take place. Then we can hope through future generations we can make a dent in the ugliness of child abuse.
I just wanted to write a page about ways that we can prevent children from suffering at the hands of abusers. From what I have learned over the years in my research is that there are a few things parents, teachers, babysitters, childcare providers, and other people in communities should do if they want to help children.
  • Talk to children about their home life. Just a simple conversation will do but we need to get back to asking "How are you?" "Is everything at home okay?" "How is your family? (mom, dad, siblings)" Any question that will let the child tell you about their life at home. Be sure to listen.
  • Tell children about inappropriate touches. Let them know that their body is not to be touched in any way that makes them uncomfortable or hurts and that it doesn't matter who it is; they shouldn't be touched on any private area of their body. Don't only say that adults shouldn't do it to them because a lot of abuse stories are of a child being molested by other kids or teens like siblings, cousin, peers and etc. Be sure to stress the importance of 'telling' if they are being molested, no matter the age or relation of the abuser, whether it's a sibling, cousin, aunt, uncle, parent, or stranger; teach them to tell someone they trust if they are hurt and never be afraid or keep it a secret. *Most abusers get away with it because they scare their victims into keeping it a secret.
(Please read Darlene's comments on this issue; you'll find them at the Comments link below.)
  • If you suspect child abuse or you know it's happening...call for help and do not give up until you know that child(ren) is safe!!!!

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SPM buat Ayong Azmer

November 23, 2010
SPM buat Ayong Azmer

Ayong kat padang UTM

Fullamak..23 Nov 2010 SPM muncul lagi bukan aku yang menduduki SPM tapi my dearie eldest son Muhammad Azmer Razli Bin Nazli yang akan sit for the exam yang akan menentukan langkah dia seterusnya
Huhuhu...tahun 2010 ni saja ada 3 exam, Kak Yang mendapat keputusan cemerlang dalam UPSR utk 4A 1B yg diumumkan minggu lepas dan Bang Ngah aka Bang Bat (panggilan oleh Tok Maknya kerana berbulu roma lebat) yang akan mendapat keputusan PMR dalam bulan Disember.  Aduss aku plak yg kecut perut.  Ingat nak puasa sebab doa org yg berpuasa akan lebih termakbul berbanding org lain...Wallahuallam dan juga sebagai ibu itu sebagai salah satu cara sokongan tapi alangkan sedih sebab warghhhh....bendera merah la.  Jadi doa jer la semoga dia berjaya menjawab dengan tenang dan tepat

Seeing Ayong growing is one of the best experience
Melihat gambar Bang Yong (lahir tanggal 24 August 1993) masa kecil membuat aku merasa sebak betapa dia telah membesar dengan sihat dan sempurna dan kini dah jadi anak bujang!  I missed and so afraid of losing him. Terkenang habitnya yg suka isap jari telunjuk dan jari hantu sambil pegang bantal utk dihidu hujung bantal tu dan kemudian tangan kiri pulak pintal rambut... ;)) tapi yg masih kekal hidu bantal tu jer.  How I missed that sweet memories and hope I will always be in his heart! sob sob sob..

Lupa la plak yg mulai 22 Nov 2010 kami anak beranak dah go WiFi ..dalam bilik ayaq pun boleh online..heehhe boleh chat sbb WiFi Streamyx dah berkuatkuasa tengahari tadi..hebat! hebat!. Cepat gak depa TM ni install lepaih register kat TMPoint last Friday.  Bebudak pun apa lagi dah jadi mcm cybercafe ler...yg pasti cukup bulan fening pulak pala Darling Hubby nak bayar bill elektrik..kih kih kih..

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16 November 2010

At Last! UPSR results...Congrats KY Amanda

November 16, 2010
At Last! UPSR results...Congrats KY Amanda
Dig dag dig dug rasanya macam diri sendiri  yang ambil periksa.  Kak Yang sibuk ask me to ambil result sama...ishhhh rasa macam nak tolak jer tapi tak sampai hati. Hari result keluar 11.11.2010 at 1015 Kak Yang message me to come to sama2 ambil result dia...hehehe ish malu ahhh coz tak pasti resultnya tapi yang pasti dia akan dapat sekurang2nya 3A. So start enjin n zoooom to SKTSR.  Sampai jam 1030 dan menunggu almost 1jam dengan rasa bercelaru dag dig dug...akhirnya at about 1130 ibubapa dijemput ke dewan.  Pengumuman dibuat hanya 18orang  mendapat 5A dan  11 orang mendapat 4A1B. Sorang2 nama murid yang mendapat 5A dipanggil untuk naik ke pentas termasuklah Aqilah dan Balqis (mmg confirm 5A punya) dan few other names yang mmg biasa didengari as her friends and she is not among the 5As but later cikgu announce name for 4A1B...Alhamdulillah..ku bersyukur kehadrat Illahi sekurang2nya her hard work really pays off!  She cried guess dia frust but to me pencapaian dia mmg bagus...Ayong pun dapat 3A2B and Bang Ngah 2A1B2C..

Kak Yang enjoying the food..

Petang tu treat her dinner with the rest of the kiddos kat Q-Thai Restaurant ler...perghhhh mmg mantap Tom Yam seafoodnyer..but x leh hang out lama sebab esoknye nak kerja daa.

Fuhhh...the food is soo marvelous...

Seperti biasa on Saturday 13Nov gi marketing le kat Pasar Keramat..siap beli ayam 2 ekor untuk buat rendang since Aidil Adha is on 17 Nov..penat wehhhh

And the grand finale we went to Digital Mall PJ belikan Kak Yang handphone of her own choice,,,hmmm Sony Ericsson walkman...fuhhh seronok dia dan yang tak seronok are the ummi dan ayah coz kesian kat yang lelain jadi belikankan juga la handphone and MP4 untuk Miya..seb baik Icha tu x pandai lagi if not...bangkrapppp..hehehe.  Ummi pun dapat gak Media card 4Gb for my BB.  Balik dari Digital Mall, get ready to lepakking kat rumah mak till about 0100 pagi worrr 

14 Nov gi balik ke Digital Mall lepas masak makan tengahari sebab hp Kak Chik tu bermasalah dan myself gi format new media card tapi kali ni whole family gi dengan Ayong and Angah (ada agenda ler tu kot2 dapat tangkap apa yg berkenaan..hihihi) ..balik tu lunch dan rest...penat gilerrrr.

Kesian Kak Chik sebab hp tu mmg problem but Ayah belikan hp baru same like Kak Yang tadi (15Nov) punyer but white color. Dah mmg ofis Ayah dekat PJ sebab tu ler dia ajak ke Digital Mall untuk beli barang..hope all goes well and me time to sleep lor coz esok nak ke Royale Chulan ada table talk and esok juga bebudak dah start cuti sekolah akhir tahun!

Good nite and sweet dreams..ZZZZZ

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7 November 2010

Another hectic week

November 07, 2010
Another hectic week
What a tiring week! Awal bulan Oktober 04 - 07 selesai dengan grup dari Filipina dan kemudian keseronokan berganda dengan LADA confirm untuk ke London tapi semuanya guna LO so apa lagi Mr GM pun fenning la...hahaha.  A week yang merimaskan dengan staff yang rasa hebat tapi mmg rasa REGRET sangat ambil dia yg boleh diumpama mcm parasit yg akan influence staff di Kuantan.  Really hope she berambus ASAP sbb dissappointment tu mmg tak boleh dipertikaikan lagi.  Buat kerja mcm sXXX dan macam pahat dengan penukul.
Dah la kita sibuk ngan sales call then fund yang x cukup pastu ATT pulak cuma transfer USD2K jer on Thursday...arghhhh memang tension.  Tapi Alhamdulillah Mr GM transfer cash untuk hari pertama tapi untuk hari kedua mmg sakit sangat nasib baik Mr D'Hubby dulukan pinjaman sebanyak 1k then the rest guna own money dahlah bekejar ke sana ke mari nak settle meals issue.  Untuk hari ketiga another amount is needed and till now tengah tunggu the good news.  Aduyaiiii.  Dengan nak cari kedai makan tengahari dan malam dan duit masuk tiket ke Taman Burung....mmg menyeksakan...

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