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November 15, 2013

Pet Player Rules

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Here my personal experiences:
Buy pets who logged in within 3 days or less.
Buy pretty or interesting ones because you want to sell them fast.
By buying big pets you must look first if they are worth to be bought:
- the assets should be min. half of the value
- if the cash is very low, look if it's not a container pet from a pet run, otherwise you can help to increase the cash
- if he/she has been set free, ask first the earlier owner about the reason
- look in the history file what type of pets he/she is trading
- control if the pet is only now active and how it has been in the past
- don't force them to buy a pet from you. they will do it from alone
- instruct them how to play

For yourself:
- be active
- send friendship requests to big players
- add them to your wish list if they are your friends
- try to solve your problems first alone before you ask your owner for help
- be patient, big players are always looking for good pets
- join good groups
- help your pets, friends and other players if you can
- communicate with your owner and friends
- send winks, tags or comments to be noticed

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