Treat Your Kids To The School Holiday With Fun Learning Seeds | What is Fun Learning Seeds?  Fun learning seeds are like planting the seeds for transformation where effective education programs involve teaching children and how to effectively apply the knowledge they acquired so that learning is practical, relevant and meaningful. On top of that, education for parents and teachers is equally important to plant the seeds for transformation to our next generations.

  • Believe that children learn best in a fun, loving and positive environment so that they will grow up to be happy, confident and loving adults
  • Education should inculcate independence in the child through self-discovery and interactive programs which transform learning into a passion rather than a chore;
  • Values determine behavior. Fun Learning Seeds’ system is an integrated and multi-faceted approach to provide healthy and holistic learning for children. Character comes first. It is the basis of a solid education in life;
  • Children will be groomed to be life-long learners and be able to become outstanding professionals in whatever career they choose to embark on because of their specialized knowledge and their responsible & reliable characters;
  • Our teaching approach comes from educating the parents first as parents play significant roles in their parenting journey and children’s growth.

Score A Mastery (SAM) 2-Day Program
(Kids group: 9 - 12 / Youth group: 13 - 18)
  • Memory skill - whole-brain integration
  • The power of mind mapping & picture map
  • Memory pegs
  • Concentration power
  • Fun acronyms and stories
  • Purpose-driven memory
  • Idea association
  • 10 treasures study techniques
  • Unleash the creativity
  • Power of mastery, etc
Master the learning skill to improve academic performance
Learning in a fun way to master the knowledge permanently!

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Mastery In Action (MIA) 3D2N Transformation Camp
(Kids group: 9 - 12 / Youth group: 13 - 18)
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Inspire a child to discover learning vs studying
  • Create interest and passion that drive children to learn more and automated
  • Learn different strategies to academic excellence
  • Inspire to have a better understanding of core being, purpose in life and academic excellence
  • Setting and achieve goals
  • Create a new and strong belief system in learning to achieve academic excellence 
  • Learning to learn!
Action speaks louder than words!
Mastery in Action leads the child to a higher level of performance in their life!
Discover learning purposes and make learning automated!
Parents, you don't need to chase after them to finish their school works or revision!

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Why your children need to join MIA

  • the strong belief system in learning to achieve academic excellence
  • Interest and passion leads to automated learning
  • Discover learning vs studying
  • Increase a child's self-confidence
  • A better understanding of children's core being, purpose in life and academic excellence
  • Different strategies in studies
  • Setting and achieve study goals
  • To learn
About Fun Learning Seeds

Who are they?
Fun Learning Seeds is specializing in equipping individuals (children, youths, adults) with skills and
systems to awaken the giant within them and maximize their potential in all aspects of their lives

What can they do for you?
With the help of dedicated trainers, coaches, and facilitators who are having years of experience in
education & training come long with proven results, trainees will be inspired to succeed in their talented areas as well as morally and socially to become leaders in each of their communities. They will be encouraged and enabled to take action on what they have learned. Individuals who have gone through our programs have shown significant improvement in their confidence and self-esteem that have enabled them to excel in respective areas.

Be a world-class provider of premium educational programs that are experiential and effective

To plant inspirational seeds by educating individuals in their respective strengths and maximize their
potential by overcome their weaknesses, empowering each other with our own talents.

Fun Learning Seeds Uniqueness: Using an integrated methodology in all their programs with some of the latest and most advanced skills and technologies. They are able to produce outstanding results in a shorter time and these results are permanent and transformational.

What do they use:

  1. Accelerated Learning: Using visual imagery, internalization and quick integration of knowledge
  2. Experiential Learning: Doing vs experiencing which nothing beats own experiences in the learning journey
  3. Alpha Learning: The effective use of music and relaxation in the alpha state which enables fast learning
  4. Neuro Association Conditioning: The effective use of creating new neuron links to condition the mind and create new patterns in life
  5. Socratic Method of Learning: The art of asking. Never afraid to ask in learning
  6. Positive Attitude Attunement: This technique is extremely useful to help children overcome self-limiting beliefs, conquer fears, implantation of new and positive belief systems, etc
  7. DNA Profiling: Analyzing how each and every child thinks, process information and learn to custom language to enable them to learn faster, effective and easier than normal teaching process
  8. Ingraining & Anchoring: Constant input of the correct information and values will help the child to understand and internalize the information taught and many more...

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Give your child the best school holidays ever by well equipping them with skills which improve their academic excellence.

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Find out more about SAM & MIA to transform your child!
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