Cannis 7 in 1 App Malaysia Owned Company To Be Listed on NASDAQ In 2021

by - October 23, 2018

Cannis 7 in 1 App Made Impressive Debut In Global Digital Scene By Contributing 10% Of The 29 Billion Dollar Industry Landscape | A home-grown company, Cannis App Sdn Bhd has successfully penetrated digital global market since it was first launched in early August. The official press conference to announce the spectacular achievements of the App was held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre yesterday. 


The event was graced by HRH Tengku Puteri Datuk Paduka Seri Hajah Zahariah Binti Almarhum Sultan Salahudin Abdul Aziz Shah, accompanied by The CEO of Cannis App Sdn Bhd, YBhg Dato’ Azman Ching

The comprehensive application made its debut as 7 in 1 App comprising elements such as Live E-Commerce, Creative Videos, Discount Shopping, Live Broadcast, Social Media, Cannis Pay and Games. Following the current customers’ behavioural trends, the app offers an integrated platform for users to leverage beyond social aspects. The users are now able to use a single app to manage daily business and personal practices more efficiently.  Cannis App formed strategic partners to strengthen the features as well as investing in the most popular industries such as technologies, films, beauty, preventive medicines, latest technology in Agricultural and many more. Cannis have well extended in South East Asia market rapidly, and expected to soon be listing on Nasdaq in 2021.

The third quarter of 2018 has been the most profitable season for the App Stores and Google Play that has exceeded more than 29 billion dollar in revenue, 10% increment as compared to the past. While the global consumer spending has reached nearly 20 billion US dollars, an increment of 20% in comparison to the same season in the past, both set a new historical record. Strategic partners include, EMPRO’s Dr. Coco Alex; Producer of Da Motion Production House, Encik Along; Creative Director of (InChinese Text), Miss Bo Bo; LongTV Sdn. Bhd.’s Mr Chis Yen; Weber PDT Cancer Treatment Health Centre’s Prof. Madaya Dr. Martin E. Roberts, and Dr. DNA Mr Jannings Lee.

“This is a masterpiece mobile App that comprises 7 outstanding features built to meet users’ needs and wants. We integrate the App for social and business as for now and we are looking forward to expand more features in the future. We are currently working with 100 talented engineers in China to synergize the App with latest technology advancement in the market. I am positive that with this solid growth, we are aimingCannis App to be listed on Nasdaq in 2021,” expressed YBhg Dato’ Azman Ching, The CEO of Cannis App.

About Cannis App Sdn Bhd
CANNIS App Sdn Bhd is established in 2017 as a registered company in Kuala Lumpur and has officially launched live broadcasting app in 2018. Cannis is currently based in a few branches including Taipei, Guangzhou, Kuala Lumpur and Penang with Malaysia as headquarter. Known for being a multiracial country, Malaysia is home to some of the biggest bi-lingual talents who are well-versed in English and Mandarin as well as the locally spoken Bahasa Malaysia.

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