Poem Will You Be There, Will You Be There?

by - August 13, 2009

We feel lonely, we feel empty and we the feeling sometimes is without basis where we need someone to cherish us to comfort us, but will there someone out there, far or near to be the one?

Not really sure where I get this poem or was it fully mine or just half mine.  Somehow I love to share this for the meaning is so pleasant and really caught me and sometimes I wrote not to any issue but just write when the feeling is there.

Happy reading folks

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As I sit in silence and thinking why
Will you be my shoulder to cry
until my tears run dry

If I am hurt
and will not know what should be done
I need someone
Will you be the one?

If I feel lonely
will you be there to accompany

If I feel insecure
will you be there to secure me

If I feel down
will you be there to cherish me

will you be there to carry me
will you be there to comfort me
forever and always

will you be there
will you be there
and never ever go away
will you be there
now and forever

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