March 03, 2011

Happy Birthday Darling Hubby

homemade Tiramisu by Chef Ross...D'Hubby favourite at all times
No big and grand celebration coz hari2 biasa pun we celebrate our days together so much.  Nothing special cuma the wishes from me and the kiddos is enough. No candle blowing but as known Darling loves Tiramisu sooo much so I got him la..the homemade Tiramisu that never fails to satisfied him..

What ever it is I love him soo much and thanks him for his love towards me and the children..Till death we apart..

Buat D..semoga dipanjangkan usia, diberikan kesihatan, dilimpahi kemudahan kehidupan bersama-sama.  Love you much!

Happy Birthday with hug and kisses from me ..01 March 1966

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