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May 04, 2011

Dubai 2011 Part 2: Buyer and Seller at Arabian Travel Mart

Yeah...got all prepared for the exhibitino, selling Malaysia to the world! Its been a great honor to promote Malaysia and being under Tourism Malaysia to ensure the world come to Malaysia

Image result for 2006 Arabian Travel Market logo

setting appointment, meeting buyer and seller, our products, our packages really makes my hands full and meeting these lovely friends makes me much happier

 At Dubai Mall, only for sightseeing coz the items here are soooo expensive, there are lots of itme but too tired to wall and search for items that I look just that I so wow looking at the Arabs who I see only come out during night time in all expensive shopping comples

eating Baskin Robbins is so mouth watering but you cant take every day unless you are super rich ;D

having kebab for dinner, its cheap and awesome

Its been a tiring day and week but fellow Malaysian when coming to Dubai what they do will be shopping and should know that when I travel alone..I really enjoy the day and night...well alone rite!

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