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November 04, 2013


Hurmmm..i seems commited with this new game..its fun but for young girls they need to be careful in this social media.  Anyway I enjoy playing pets and here sharing tips

I have had this account very long time because of business related where but I dont seems interested because too much of sexy photos and mostly they are fake

(if you buy bad pets you in default become a bad pet!)

This is the first thing should do every day.
Go to "Browse Pets"
Search criteria for pets:
Gender ---   male , female , both
Age --- 18   to   any
Country  ---  all countries
Location --- matches
Value 0 to 550 (605, 665, 731, 804, 884, 972, etc.)
Please buy only pets with status "now online" or logged in within the last minutes

You can buy those back many times, mostly it starts a small pet run.  They are low risk if you don't go over 200 millions and hopefully that pet will cross many pages including the big players and you will be seen. Don't be too greedy and risk too much. Better earnng in 10 runs 1 billion than to risk in one run 10 billions. You will not be happy to watch your pet you got from a mega run when it got filled and then deleted. Don't own more than 30 pets, better only 10. And please look at the buyers of your pets. Maybe it will be your next owner or a good active pet.

That are the criteria big players are looking for by a good player.
1) cash above value, males more than 1.5 times cash of their value
2) 50 days playing
3) 25,000 pets bought
4) all 200 recent history with in 24 hours (mostly only possible through pet runs)

Every player needs to be at least 40% free cash compared to value, but females can get bought just from their pic so there cash can be a little lower, but I advise everyone to be 40% cash. If you are a good player and get your cash over your value and wishlist the big players, sometimes they will add you in their runs without even knowing you. This game is all about CASH. The more you have the bigger you go. If you choose to spend it all, you won't get very far. You need to increase your cash not your value. If you build your cash someone else will buy you and raise your value. If you have real money to invest for VIP you better just buy gold when they have a sale and you will get 50% more gold, but the VIP symbol in your photo will help you to go forward. Flipping you will not really help you, because then your cash will get lower compared to your value which will make it harder for you to be bought by others.

If you see fake profiles or unfair players who are for example using fake VIP symbols write please to the tagged support to minimize the damage.

There are different ways how you can help your pets, friends and group members.
- You can buy pets from them to set some cash free.
- You can flip pets with them, but only if the pet is worth it and good enough to sell it soon. This will increase your friends cash and both assets, but decrease your cash.
- You can exchange their bad or dead pets against good ones of the same value. Then you can set it free, but only if your assets is always over 100% of your value.
- You can buy them if they have no owner, a dead or inactive owner.
- You can help them with good advices.
- You can invite them to a good group.
- You can ask him/her what pets they like to buy and search for a good one.
- You can send them links to join pet runs.
- You can warn them before fake pets or unfair players.
- You can build independent groups like a ring where everybod member owns another one

Here my personal experiences:
Buy pets who logged in within 3 days or less.
Buy pretty or interesting ones because you want to sell them fast.
By buying big pets you must look first if they are worth to be bought:
- the assets should be min. half of the value
- if the cash is very low, look if it's not a container pet from a pet run, otherwise you can help to increase the cash
- if he/she has been set free, ask first the earlier owner about the reason
- look in the history file what type of pets he/she is trading
- control if the pet is only now active and how it has been in the past
- don't force them to buy a pet from you. they will do it from alone
- instruct them how to play

For yourself:
- be active
- send friendship requests to big players
- add them to your wish list if they are your friends
- try to solve your problems first alone before you ask your owner for help
- be patient, big players are always looking for good pets
- join good groups
- help your pets, friends and other players if you can
- communicate with your owner and friends
- send winks, tags or comments to be noticed

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