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November 26, 2016

Memoirs..having a workholic boss

This special segment is where I will write up all my experience bits and pieces working in small and big corporate office.

Among my experience working in Exprotech Ltd as a secretary to a Scottish boss, Sandy Richardson or his full name Alexander Richardson, very tall and thin too.  Very thick in his Scottish accent and whenever he comes to my desk, I would ask him to sit haha otherwise I will be looking up to him..

Being Englishman he is so fuzzy and stingy bit too but the most thing bout his is..he is super workholic!

Sandy would arrive arrive to the office as early as 0630 everyday! And me arrive between 0730 to 0745 daily too even our workhours start at 0900 from Monday to Friday and half day on Saturday fuhhh. Those were the days where we need to work on Saturday coz we the company that we work with registered under the roof of a Malaysian company.  I worked there from August 1991 till  March1993 and the most crazy task I had to do was I have to stay the whole night completing Oil & Gas tender where typing, adding, printing, copying, binding and submit the tender the next morning before 1000 haha..Those days the internet was not as now...we have to wait for telex..we have to communicate via long distance telephone call to UK for this and that.

Its kindda scary too but I managed to sleep few hours erkk cant remember how long but ofcourse I sleep at my workdesk and damn lucky coz I dont get any interruption nor disturbance from anything.
We both went to Petronas office and submit the tender..back to office then I went home for good rest.

Some of my duties that seems like easy but not as I have to deal with government for work permit, car issues etc etc..handsfull actually
* Reporting to the Regional Marketing Manager. Liaise with the Immigration Department for Works Permit, Visa and other government bodies.
· Liaise with Petronas for engaging Foreign Engineers for Offshore work once contracts awarded.
· Tracking of personnel movements appointed for work on offshore/onshore assignment.
* Responsible for the day to day office administration, from typing to submission of tender to oil companies.

Sandy and his 2 kids came to my wedding and those years everyone is so proud to have matsaleh attending the wedding especially matsaleh boss haha. 

There was 1 Malaysian engineer who then was sent to UK for training and a handsome English engineer who converted to Islam and married to Indonesian lady..too bad I forgot both his name his wife..they are very nice and sweet couple.  Btw Sandy married to Malaysian Malay too but no comment on his status..hehe

I then left the job for better pay ofcourse!
and preggy mommy cant work super extra hours lol (¯¯) 

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