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by - March 13, 2017

Assalammualaikum wbt

Sunshine blogger award! wow dah macam fefeeling jalan atas red carpet dah ni..haha.  Bila tengok kena tag dek blogger Ana Suhana...mak aiii..kelu lidah, kaku jari jemari, buntu, otak jadi tepu...haha

Sebagai menyahut cabaran (lah sangat) jom kita jawab soalan Ana kat bawah tu okay

First and foremost, thanks +Ana Suhana for tagging me to join this awesome segment.

Now these are the questions questioned by Ana and for me to answer..oh my!

1. One BEST word to describe yourself.
FICKEL!  well being a Virgo that is one of my character (have many actually haha) and silly too

2.  What is the BEST achievement you proud of?
I am now a good cook and have more interest with home cooked for the past 3 years for my husband, my 6 kiddos and my abah and mak. After almost 25 years of happily marriage..can that be considered as best achievement..hahaha I guess yes because marriage is about give and take, understanding, collaboration that is called best achievement!

3. If you have a chance to go travel for free, where would you go? why?
Mecca Almukaramah with my dearies or perhaps repeat trip to Deutschland and Dutchland..why Mecca? guess all Muslim would have the same reason

4. Between winter, spring, summer and autumn which one would you choose and why?
Spring! well all ladies would love to see, smell and touch flowers. Flowers is a symbol of happiness it? haha 

5. Any habits do you have?
Skeptical! is that a habit? yes, I always have doubts on others especially when it come to business and work

6. What do you find attractive in people?
To me attractive person would be a smarter person than me and the one with actions that speaks louder than words and he/she knows how overcome stressful and tense situation plus a person who give support and problem solver ehh did I anwer it right? hehe

7. What is you favorite Disney character?
Esmerlda because she is verbally powerful, cunning and strong

8. Are you saving or spending?
Spending type but lately I have been very careful in spending..yeah I have change to saving typed person!

9. On scale 1 - 10, how friendly you are?
9 I guess but I am very friendly/too friendly depends on the person who approach me ehh I sound like diva eh..noooooo I do approach people but its all depends on situation and location..hehe

10. Between cockroaches and lizard, which one you afraid most? 
Lizard because I have very bad experience with this arrogant creature.  I remembered so well the morning I boil water and saw this lizard near the window.  I then thought (just thought) that I should kill this lizard using the boiling water but unexpected the lizard came towards me like a warrior.  That was the scariest moment and I ran backward but the lizard keep coming forward to me until dining area but I keep pouring the boiling water onto the lizard..hahaha and guess what? of course the lizard died! The worst part is the my my dining seems got flooded..haha

I also have bad experience with cockroach too...maybe I will blog bout it too..haha

11. What do you expect from blogger friends about your blog?
I really hope that they always come by and read my mumblings and stories and whatever I wrote and be my friend.  Without blogger friends, we cannot be success and they are the one that makes us have the energy to keep in writing..hehehe

Fuhhh...finally its done! But why 11 questions? should give more hahaha

Okay, now here will be my questions.  

1. What do you do for living? You need not to tell in details and you may write as not answering if you find the question is sensitive or too personal

2. Some people have 2 or 3 ambitions like me, is your job now one of it or not at all

3. If you saw me or any blogger that you known here  in any places such as shopping mall or cinema or anywhere, would you approach them and what would be your first word to them?

4. How do you organize your day between blogging while working or studying 

6. How many hours would you take to be on routine in blogging, blog walking and commenting etc and what is your expectation?

7. Are you an organized type person or disorganized?

8. What is the craziest/silly things that you have done and feel like doing it again?

9. What is your favourite radio station while driving

10. Can you tell in brief your 5 strength and 5 weaknesses

11.  If you a celebrity (an international or locally) who would you be and why?

So I am tagging my beautiful blogger friend to join this super awesome award

Good night all..see again tomorrow

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