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by - July 26, 2017

Guess most of us have experienced hard time when come to choose a gift or present to your loved ones, on their birthday, new born or even for wedding and most of us always wanted to make the gift to be something different and to be remembered. Well worry no more now because what you have to do is just browse this website and your problem will be solved without hassle yet you can get the gift to be personalised and CUSTOMISED all the gifts too!

Who doesn't like a personalised and customized gifts? especially when a your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend or even your dear friend make it personalized and specially for you with your names or your picture  or perhaps picture of you and her/him together, don't this sound precious as it is ONLY for you! 

There are many items to choose here in Printcious from T-shirts, Mugs, Ceramic, Cushion, Canvas, Puzzle and many more and these are all for your loved ones and of course will make them excited and impressed!

It is very easy as this Printcious website is making your effort easy with their customized tools.  

How to do it?

First click on the Create and choose the item

Choose and create your cushions

Now time to customized your  cushion either with text or image as you like. It is not that difficult and tedious at all, it is as easy as uploading the images your wanted  

When you done with design, text and color, if your image is big, right click on it and edit, crop or delete the image and change to new image then hit the blue button customize it.  
Then check for no of quantity your need then add to Cart

You are done with your order

Hit the green button check out and continue add the necessary details for shipping address, shipping method that you wanted and payment method.
By the way, FREE SHIPPING RM10 for purchase above RM70 in single order for West Malaysia

Payment are accepted with numbers of banking institution at your own ease.
Good luck! 

Worry that you might not like it? Printcious promised 100% satisfaction! If you don't absolutely love it, they will take it back - email

and more for you to know that:

  • Printcious offer replacements and refunds for defective items IF the defects occurred during delivery
  • The return process is simple.  Just take a photo on the defective goods, parcel and consignment note then email to
  • Printcious will bear the shipping charges for replacements
  • The return policy will only be effective for a period of one(1) week from the time you receive it from the shipping agent

Dont wait any longer guys check out the best offer for Parent's Day with an  offer up to 30% discount valid till 29 July and don't forget to use the code PARENTS

For more details, check out the following 





Instagram - "Precious Gifts From Your Heart"

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  1. Menariknya.. makin mudah sekarang byk online je dh boleh buat menda mcm ni kan

    1. betul tu Mamapp...semua kat hujung jari jer..hehe

  2. Sekrg semua dihujung jari...senang kerja dan pantas

  3. Saya pernah beli cushion. Letak muka sendiri pulak tu besar gedabak, hahaha. Tapi dah dekat 3 tahun, masih cantik tak luntur.

  4. Step2 nk beli brg tu mudah sangat dan tak rumit kan. Bagus2.

    Good luck umi.

  5. pernah bukak website ni sekali nak buat custom made shirt.. tapi tak ingat tah kenapa tak jadi.. hehe.. tapi memang banyak sangat la benda comel2 situ..

    1. memang banyak item sampai rambang mata pun ada..hehe

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