Finding The Pros And Cons In Blog ReBranding | Regret? kind off actually after what I am facing now especially the drastic drop of my pageviews but I tried to be positive as much as I can.  When there's a will there is a way! So now here I am sharing points on my findings to share with everyone (well not a pro yet still a learner that doesn't mean that I shouldn't share my points rite!) hehe

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Here is a few things that we (me actually!) need to look into and my point of view in changing my blog domain from sweetsourleyra.blogpspot to  Gosh it's scary but I need to change it desperately (see how bad it is! haha silly me!) it's difficult for someone or readers to chew what is the sweetsourleyra and to relate as if the blog is about cooking recipe or worst case it's like the topsy turvy life..ohhh NO! my life has been very good and great!

So on May 25th I have decided to end what have haunted me and change!.

P/S : Thinking of changing domain is still lingering doubts in my mind!!!!

  • Have the opportunity to re-brand yourself according to the name that you want..special rite
  • Pick a name that is different or perhaps unique
  • Pick an original name or whatever name that suits you and you can ensure no one else has. This is a great opportunity if your current name is hard to be remembered or not interesting at all
  • Going through a change is fun and exciting.. I hope
  • Changing to the new name might make you feel better and more confident about your blog

  • Changing your blog name might confuse some of your readers
  • You will need to tell/advise your friend or follower about your name changed if they happen to have you in their blog list
  • If you don't set up a 301 redirect correctly, people could still try to visit your old blog and have trouble finding your new one (this is not a problem if you set up a 301 redirect correctly)
  • Until your new name gets reestablished, people might not know who you are. You lose your established online presence
  • You will have to update all your publisher and author contacts with your new URL and blog name so that they know who you are
  • If your review has been quoted in a book or on a site anywhere, you will lose that connection to your blog, since it will be under the old name
  • You will lose you follower erkkk
  • You will lose all the comments on your entry from your follower and friend

I have done the re-brand so-called and the first thing that I do is to create a new blog and give the name the same as my previous URL as sweetsourleyra.blogspot which is already known to friends and readers.  They will sure type sweetsourleyra to go to my blog rite..and from this URL they will see info about me changing my URL to

You can publish in your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc on your new URL and keep blasting..keep blog walking to ensure your friends noted of your new change

So far it is so good but the truth is I have lost lots means a lot and lots of PAGEVIEWS it or not I have to write a more interesting entry to get my blog back to norm PV.

Well, I don't call them followers since I am just a norm blogger hehe.  

The most high risk of rebranding is PAGEVIEW..PAGEVIEW..PAGEVIEW.. what a nightmare!

Me being fickle-minded as always 
Me being who talk nonsense too


  1. banyak kali dah ni saya fikir nak rebranding.. hampir je, tapi tak buat2, haha/

    1. betul Mai..Umi ni dah berkali-kali tapi akhirnya tukar jugak...dan pasal nak tukar domain tu dah makan tahun tapi risau takut nanti kalau xde siapa nk sambung legacy dan terkubur la hasil catatan yang ala2 syok sendiri dulu dan kini ni..hahahaa

  2. I welcome

  3. I am the one who get no update from ur new url recently. I keep visit the old one as no update in my bloglist. Hehe. But the prob now resolved. :)

    P/s: buy ur owb domain plssss. Hehe

    1. haha...yeah finally rite...thanks Ana

      #still considering even now its been ages hahaha

  4. Kt bloglist blog CR lupa nk update url baru ni. Ptut la xnaik2 kat atas blog umi.

  5. Mine???? Duk fikir duk fikir lagiii... mcm susah nak hadam coz buta bab blog ni.... sapa leh tolongggggg???

  6. At first a bit confusing but now I'm am clear that umifuzy and sweetsour same one haha

  7. saya still nak buat rebranding ni..takut complicated sangat..teruk kan saya ni..huhu


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