How do most of you handle your day being working lady rushing here and there with too much hectic rush everyday for many of us, but the secret to managing your time better may be staring you in the face.  

Here are some things you can start doing tomorrow morning to boost your productivity and ensure that you really have quality time to ensure all done in perfect and smooth way and perhaps working in peace!

My tips may or may not be useful to know best for yourself and good luck to whoever gonna try my tips!

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Emails can wait
For many, checking emails is the first thing we do when we get to the office and with technology and smartphones that act may even start in bed.  But putting them off at least for the first hour, or only attending to those which are urgent, can mean redirecting your time and energy to a more pressing matter and getting that out of the way nice and early

Do the dreaded stuff first
By delaying emails and doing the most challenging tasks early, you will get thorough the rest of the day without feeling you are on constant deadline or walking around with a bulls eye on your back hehe

Have gratitude
One trait successful leaders share is their ability to reflect and be grateful. Taking even 10 minutes every morning to re-evaluate your goals, priorities your values and gave thanks to what you have can start the day off on a better note and lift your morale for the rest of the day

Last but not least understand and know to identify what is important and what is urgent..ok will share in my next entry on this two task when time permits..till then..


  1. thanks for sharing umi! lepasnie kena follow nie supaya tak kelam kabut hehe

  2. Kena ada perancangan baru lah berjalan lancar...

  3. terimakasih banyak inforasinya, membantu sekali gan..
    jangan lupa kunjungi link kami di

  4. Tips yang menarik..yang email tu sha buat.. Selalunya baca tajuk dan terus delete kalau tak penting..


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