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by - October 19, 2017

Are you a coffee lover? what coffee are you? hot or cold? black or white? +sugar +milk | anywhere | anytime..the choice is yours!

Introducing the new coffee that everyone should have and get craze with..the Lesoel Coffee...no frills, simple great coffee.


Info on the product : the coffee is fully bodied, mild acidity and it has chocolaty aroma that make the taste is great without sugar but the choice is yours on how you wants to enjoy it.

The coffee is packed for travel convenient, anytime and anywhere you are.  Just cut the sachet, pour in your cup, add water and stir..its so soluble!

How to enjoy : hot or cold, with milk or sugar..its up to you
Le Seul means : One and only or Unique in French.  
Me and LESOEL COFFEE tasting

As a coffee lover, I love the taste without sugar even I am type who drink coffee with fresh milk and sugar actually.  Why? because the chocolaty taste that makes it some kind of sweet and acceptable for my throat LOL.  The smell of the coffee is neither to strong but mild and its easy to prepare as the coffee packed in sachet is so soluble, just need light stir and you can just drink. Simple rite..this is the kind of coffee we need for busy type of person like me who always on the go...sometimes! haha

As recommended by Vinci, I had LESOEL COFFEE with avocado gelatos and seriously the combination is superb and the blend taste like tiramisu!  So anyone should try the same..well if you cant find avocado gelatos, other types will do !

blogger with the couple founder of leseol coffee..recognize the other 3? hehe
The Lesoel coffee tasting took place at Piccolo Lotti, Damansara Kim was great with good introduction and full information from the couple founder itself..they are bride to be too...congrats
Pallipes Dark Premium Soluble Coffee (3.3g x 12 Sticks)

We are coffee lovers who appreciates convenience and also great coffee at the same time.  We are constantly searching for the most unique aroma & tast for coffee lovers by exploring & roaming just like the wolves and putting authenticity, convenience and simplicity into every cup of coffee, touching peiople's lives in the process
the logo..its a wolf!
Why wolf? Wolves never fail to use their exceptional sense of smell in search of something good as the founder have traveled far and wide to find the best beans to produce their coffee.

Where to buy: Just click the banner

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  1. mama coffee lover umi. tapi takleh minum byk nanti pening

  2. bukan peminat kopi tapi suka nak try kopi jenis mcm ni haha


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