Welcome December! Welcome Holiday Season! Well guess its not too late to welcome December rite? December the long waited months for every school children as coming December meaning there Holly-Days is back again.  and it is really a long holiday looking forward by everyone from school children to everyone including me!

I am pretty sure there will be lots of activities for the kids such as camping, weekend breaks or maybe going back to hometown aka balik kampung and when balik kampung there will be lots of wedding invitation that you will attend.

I believe that you for sure will have headache to choose for outfit to bring along but worry no more as you can get good quality clothes with Shoppr > KLIK HERE <

Shoppr is you fashion paradise, bringing you the best of fashion with over 3,000 brands for you to choose from.  How can you complain when you have access to so many options! You'll find a dreamy mix of local designers and international brands to satisfy all your needs and wants.  Popular brands you'll be sure to find are ASOS, Boohoo, Cotton On, Fashion Valet, Hook Clothing, KEI MAG, Milktee, Poplook, Shein, The Tinsel RAck, and Zalora.  With Shoppr, you'll never get bored shopping from your favorite brands as well as discovering new ones! We specially handpick the brands on Shoppr to ensure only the best shopping experience just for you.

3 things that you need to think before you on your way to Holly-Days, first will be the clothes, second the shoes or handbag and the third, last but not lest...beauty products!

Shoppr is an online shopping platform that seems complete from head to toe! Being a Muslim, I have discover that they also selling outfits for Muslimah, is'nt that great?  Just choose the items and your first item is done!

Various clothing can be found here such as office attire, casual wear, party outfits, New Year's Eve outfits, festive outfits and maybe thinking what to wear for Christmas and all this you can find it there in Shoppr that need your stylish mix and match attire.

The second item will be your shoes and with 42619 styles and over 3000 brands in store will sure make you grin! Just choose your preference from the wide range of women shoes from sandals, sneakers, loafers, wedding shoes, prom shoes, work shoes, to name a few at your convenience.

People say diamonds are a girl's best friend! Go to Beauty items and find your prefered item from hair to face and body are all you can find it here.  There are brands like Laneige, Nyx, Maybelline, Etude House, The Body Shop, Revlon and many more that you can find here with over 3000 brands will make you flawless and rejuvenate inner beauty.

Perhaps you can find here as the Christmas gift for your love ones

"Paradise for Fashion Lovers"

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Happy shopping everyone!


  1. Wah...design2 baju cantik. Nanti nak terjah shoppr la. Tq sharing

    1. cantikkan...pastu banyak pulak brands terkenal dalam Shoppr ni..jom shopping..hehe

  2. Replies
    1. kan..sy pun suka tengok dan dah target apa nak dibeli..hehe

  3. Replies
    1. welcome Mrs Pip...jom shopping...jom terjah https://shopprapp.com/

  4. tambah lagi satu aplikasi untuk perempuan.. habislah.. hahaha


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