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January 30, 2018

CoolBlog Opening Opportunity For Women Entrepreneurs

Marking their 10th year in the industry, CoolBlog have now opened their first ever largest store in Melawati Mall.  Being a kiosk based beverage brand CoolBlog has now taken a leap into its branding by revealing its new, refreshed and urbanised look and one thing for sure CoolBlog lovers will be so happy as the store is just next to GSC !

While looking to expand their growth into stores and they are expanding their business to East Malaysia and the most interesting is that they are opening franchising opportunities specially for women entrepreneurs! So you ladies, grab the opportunity and check out their website for more details!

CoolBlog Is Now In Melawati Mall
CoolBlog, an international kiosk-based dessert beverage brand innovates on finding the best of local and global flavors using ice blended and smoothie based creations and have introduce over 25 flavors of beverages and desserts with over 300 product variant.  CoolBlog's mission is to provide quality products and services to customers from all walks of life and their three year growth plan is  to increase 500 outlets in local and international markets.

"The Coolest Blog From Malaysia and Beyond". We want to bring that Malaysia Brand overseas market upon receiving a lot of Franchise enquiries from companies in Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Middle East.

CoolBlog Is Now In Melawati Mall
"We saw Melawati Mall as the best location to start our flagship stor as its location was within the busy urban area, and falls in line with our new target audience.  The mall is constatantly patronised by sutdents, and families aroudn the Klang Valley adn this is an ideal place to start.  We are also located right next to the cinema which is a perfect location given the daily traffice." Keith Loh , CEO of CoolBlog Apps Sdn Bhd

CoolBlog Is Now In Melawati Mall
CoolBlog Series
Beside the well known beverages selection in Malaysian Series, Chocolate Series/Oreo Series, Coffee & Tea Series and Fruitti Series, CoolBlog in Melawati Mall also reveals their new surprise a 'limited edition beverage' in conjunction with the store opening that is available from 27 January  until 28 February 2018.

"Now that the skies are starting to clear once again with sunlight streaming through, our bright baby blue coloured drink topped with ice cream with its refreshing taste is sure to cool you down" Keith

CoolBlog Is Now In Melawati Mall

So hurry up guys! try this new beverage that is superlicious only available here in Melawati Mall L5-12, Level 5, Melawati Mall, 355, Jalan Bandar Melawati, Pusat Bandar Melawati, 53100 Kuala Lumpur

CoolBlog Is Now In Melawati Mall

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CoolBlog Is Now In Melawati Mall

Our Commitment: Branding is all the EFFORT! Our Pursuit: The best is yet to come! Our Effort: Think as a Consumer! Our Belief: Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE! Our Cognitive: Previous conduct might not APPROPRIATE!

2018 : 
> CoolBlog first ever largest store in Melawati Mall

2017 : 
> Launched Rasa-Rasa Malaysia Series in September 2017

2016 : 
> Awarded Best Special Booth Design for Franchise International Malaysia 2015 (FIM, May 2016)

> Awarded Best Special Design Booth for FIM 

> Total number of CoolBlog outlets break 300
> Awarded SME Brand Excellence 2013
> Awarded Best Pavilion for HALFEST 2012

2012 :
> Awarded 2012 100th Outstanding SME by Golden Bull
> Awarded SME Rising STAR 2012 by SEM Corp
> Awarded Best Booth for HALFEST 2012 (Halal Festival PWTC

2011 :
> 1st CoolBlog vision met (150 outlet)
> 1st shop lot concept outlet opened at Taman Sri Andalas, Kelang

2010 :
> CoolBlog products certified by JAKIM as 100% Halal products

2009 : 
> 1st franchise outlet opened at Batu Pahat Mall, Johor
> 1st Corporate outlet opened in Giant Shah Alam

2008 : 
> 1st outlet opened at Sutera Mall, Johor

Website :



  1. The CoolBlog drinks are refreshing and delicious. Price is more affordable compared to other brands.

  2. sedapnya coolblog :D tetiba dahaga lak. hihi. azah singgah sini sambil follow dan masukkan blog sis dalam bloglist azah :D tq masukkan blog azah dalam bloglist sis ye. salam perkenalan :D

  3. the weather is so damm hot recently, nice intro, i will go for this refreshing drinks!

  4. I wish I could join the coolblog event too! Looks so thrist quenching

  5. suka air coolblog..pergh terbaikla cool blog open store lagi

  6. The CoolBlog drinks looks refreshing and tasty. Lots of delicious flavors and it looks so affordable.

  7. I remember seeing Cool Blog a long time ago at Sungei Wang Plaza and it amused me, because I am a blogger. This is a blog that's not a blog, I thought. Great to see how far they have some through the years.

  8. Bestnya dapat minum coolblog air dia mmg sedap

  9. So many special flavor to choose and drink! Gonna try it when I visit Melawatiall because is near to my house =)

  10. Which of these drinks are your favorites? They all seems enjoyable!

  11. coolblog. what a cool name.. :D seen their kiosk at one of the R&R along north south highway

  12. Long time never try this. For sure wanna go back there again.


  13. They could have very well had a virtual monopoly on computers to this day, but an opportunist stole it from them.

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