Sisters Ilyn Loh And Elyn Loh Raised Jalur Gemilang High In Spain

by - November 06, 2019

Sisters Ilyn Loh And Elyn Loh Raised Jalur Gemilang High In Spain | Sisters Ilyn and Elyn Loh made Malaysia proud and raised our Jalur Gemilang high at the recent Little Miss & Mister United World 2019 world finals which was held from 2nd to 8 October at the beautiful island of Tenerife in Spain. A press conference was held at Ampang Glasshouse and a Halloween themed event was held later in the evening to show appreciation to all those who actively contributed and supported the
girls amazing journey from preparation to victory in Tenerife.

Sisters Ilyn Loh And Elyn Loh Raised Jalur Gemilang High In Spain
"Words cannot trully describe my emotions at seeing both my girls succed together at the same time by winning the International Model grand Prix 2019 and Mini Miss United Workd - Group Champion respectively.  This is truly the biggest reward in my life to be able to witness both of them schieveing the hightesthonorable tittles at the world stage. I am truly grateful to all that has happened. Its every mum's dream come true" Swan Lum, mother of the duo

11 year old Ilyn is the proud winner of the International Model Grand Prix 2019 and it is the very first time for a Malaysian delegate to achieve such a high achievement in the prestigious children's competition.  Ilyn also snagged the Best Photo Model and Best Art Costume subsidiary titles and made it as a Golden Laurel Olympiad Top 10 Talent finalist while Elyn Loh, 7 year old was crowned Mini Miss United World 2019 - Group Champion (ages 7 - 9), while also securing the Best International Model Catwalk and bEst Video subsidiary titles. She is also a top ten finalist of the Goldern Laurel Olympiad.

Sisters Ilyn Loh And Elyn Loh Raised Jalur Gemilang High In Spain
The estatic young pair from SJK(C) Tsun Jin not only gained prestigious awards but also made many new friendships from around the globe, during the international competition which saw 47 delegates from 20 countries challenging each others for honors.

To reach this level of achievement, the pair were grateful for the loving guidance and unwavering mentoring provided by their dedicated teachers Jessie Foo Mooi-Chun and Cher Win, both of whom are from Dance V Me dancing academy. Academy principal Jessie Foo, is a professional Latin America & Ballroom instructor and international adjudicator. She is also the founder and organizer of Little Miss Malaysia and also the National Director of Little Miss and Mister United World.

With Jessie’ properly regulated and structured program, Ilyn & Elyn managed to prepared themselves for the competition in under 4 months.

Sisters Ilyn Loh And Elyn Loh Raised Jalur Gemilang High In Spain
Ilyn and Elyn gained entry to the Little Miss & Mister United World competition by participating in the Little Miss Malaysia2017/18 and winning the Miss Glamour and mini Princes title respectively. No strangers to children’s competitions, the hardworking pair also participated in the Prince and Princess International 2018 competition in Phuket and won two awards.
“A mother’s love has no boundaries” , shared Swan Lum as she described their painstaking journey in preparing her daughters for the competition.

That is why every effort was made to ensure the girls were properly groomed and well taken care off ahead of the competition, but in balanced way.

During the competitions in Spain, the girls were privileged to wear stylish, beautiful and elegant outfits specially created by young and fast rising Penang based designer Micheal Ooi. Many late nights were spent creating the total of 10 outfits that were featured by Ilyn and Elyn at the competition. Ilyn’s outstanding costume by Micheal earned her the Best Art Costume subsidiary title.

To achieve their success, the young girl had to go through and endure all sort of assessments and experiences, from being subjected to challenging interviews, discovering new friendships, participating in cultural exchanges, going through intense training, while undergoing various rehearsals from catwalk to talent.

Little Miss & Mister United World, originally known as the International Children’s Festival “Little Miss World” , was founded by Natalya Kovalyova as Festival for girls and boys from 5 to 14 years of age, it was established at the turn of the millennium in 2000 and was formed with the goal of creating a new nation of talented, educated, friendly and motivated children. Its objective was to gather representatives from all over the world for the annual children’s festival, in order to strengthen the friendly ties between their various countries, to discover and explore the world’s cultural heritage and to present the delegates individual talents.

The festival is unique because of its harmonious symbiosis of personal qualities, creativity and active ecological position. One of the main rounds of the festival is the talent presentation. Another key round is the presentation of an ecological project by each contestant, which was assessed by a professional international jury.

Each of the countries sharing our planet has significant cultural heritage. Little Miss & Mister United World unites the diversity and beauty of these heritage from every corner of our globe. ”Children are able to touch the deepest strings of our hearts. Their talent conquers and disarms, gives joy and delight.”

All festival participants receive personal nomination, crowns, crystal trophies, gifts from the various partners of the festival. The winner also receive money tranches to develop their talents and environmental projects in their country.

This year the competitions was held on the scenic volcanic island of Tenerife, which is located in the breathtaking Canary Islands, the beautiful and contrasting tropical island is replete with all sorts of beaches: wild or well equipped, with white or black volcanic sand and pebbles, and national parks with incredible views and fabulous mountain gorges altitude of almost 4000 meters, say that to go there, is as if you are touching the sky. The island is also known for whale and dolphin watching and was the perfect setting for the Little Miss and Mister United World’s this year.

The first day of competition entitled Friendship Day saw all delegates along with their parents being presented in a colorful celebration of love, joy and camaraderie, as they proudly showcased their countries.

Performances Day on the second day saw all delegates presenting their talents in various categories that included vocals, dance etc. both Ilyn and Elyn performed the Paso Doble in well-choreographed routines that was among the audiences favorites , in their respective categories.

Pirate Day was probably the most fun day for the delegates as they got to sail the seven seas on board on actual 17th century replica of sailing ship, in actual pirate costumes and recreate scenes from Pirates of Caribbean, but themed as Pirate of Canary Islands.

The grandest moments for the delegates was, of course, the spectacular Awards Gala Night, which saw our outstanding young Malaysian delegates creating history.

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