Mission Foods Launches all-New Mini Wraps First Kid-Friendly-Sized Wrap

by - March 09, 2021

Mission Foods Launches all-New Mini Wraps First Kid-Friendly-Sized Wrap | Eenie, meenie, miney moe, catch a Monter by its toe! Mission Foods, everyone’s favorite tortilla wrap brand has just launched a range of fun-sized wraps just for kids. Smaller in size but mosterrific in taste all-new Mini Wraps is set to excite kids and parents alike with three great flavors and super fun illustrated monster packaging 

The three flavours – Tomato, Wholemeal and Original come in resealable packs of eight to keep them fresher for longer. The smaller 5.75 inches wraps are simply perfect for little fingers.

Mission Foods Launches all-New Mini Wraps First Kid-Friendly-Sized Wrap

Randall Tan, Brand Manager South Asia, Mission Foods said the new range is just the right size to fill little bellies. “Kids need the right nutrition to grow and it’s sometimes a challenge to get them to eat the right foods. At mission foods, we’re parents too, and making healthy food exciting is what we do best,” he said adding that wraps contain less sugar and are a source of dietary fire. “We’ve made the wraps smaller because little people have little hands and little appetites. They are easier for kids to handle and hold, and is the perfect canvas for all their favourite foods,” he added.

The fun and colourful monster illustration on the packaging brings a sense of delight to mealtime. “ When the food is fun, it goes down more easily as kids tend to eat with their eyes first. It’s great way to add a sense of play and experimentation in getting them to make their own meals,” said Randall.

Mission Foods Launches all-New Mini Wraps First Kid-Friendly-Sized Wrap

Misson Foods recently kicked of a fun and engaging campaign called #PerfectForLittleFigers, where we engaged parenting and bento influencers to share great recipes and ideas on their social media sing Mini Wraps. Abang Brian, Le Cordon Bleu alumni and celebrity Masterchef, was involved in bringing the campaign to life by sharing fun recipe ideas on their social media sing Mini Wraps. Abang Brian, Le Cordon Bleu alumni and celebrity Masterchef, was involved in bringing the campaign to life by sharing fun recipe ideas that parents and kids can try at home. The celebrity chef, who owns the well-known into fn kiddie meals with the cutesy Caterpillar Chicken Wrap using Tomato Mini Wraps, the teddy bear faced Bear Bear Pizza  Wrap with Wholemeal Mini Wraps and Crouching Lion Hidden Veggies Japanese Curry made with Original Mini Wraps. “With Mini Wraps you won’t feel guilty asking your kids to play with their food. They’re never too young to get involved in making their own healthy meals. With a little help from Mom and Dad, mealtime will ne as fn as playtime !” said Abang Brian.

Mission Foods Launches all-New Mini Wraps First Kid-Friendly-Sized Wrap

As part of the campaign, Mission Foods also ran a contest for consumers to attend an exclusive workshop with Abang Brian. Participants had to submit the most creative picture off a friendly monster made by their child based on the new packaging. The winners – 20 pairs of parents and kids will get a chance to learn how to make the Caterpillar Chicken Wraps in a live workshop with Abang Brian in March, and take home goodie bags worth RM 200 each.

The new Mission Mini Wraps range in three flavors is now available in all leading supermarkets in the bakery aisle alongside Mission’s existing range of wraps naan, pita, and pizza crusts. As essential add-on to pantry staples, these new Mini Wraps are a must-have in your grocery cart whether it’s or the kids to experiment wwith dring the school holidays or as back-to-school meals. 

Mission Original Mini Wraps

Mission Original Mini Wraps are the perfect canvas for your kids to start creating using all their favourite ingredients. It is the prefect go-to for meals and everything in between as they go well with any fillings or toppings. They’re a great way to get your kids started in the kitchen, as it’s never too young to learn. The soft and fluffy Mission Original Mini Wraps contain 8 pieces, are 5.75” in size and come in resealable pack.

Mission Wholemeal Mini Wraps

Mission Wholemeal Mini Wraps are not only perfect for little fingers, the right portion for small bellies, they’re also source of dietary fibre and have the benefits of being wholemeal. Only 5.75” in size Mission Mini Wraps are thick and flexible enough to hold all the delicious ingredients and are  resealable to maintain freshness once opened.

Mission Tomato Mini Wraps

Mission Tomato Mini Wraps have a slight tomato taste to add a tiny tang. They are 5.75” in size, low in sugar and a source of dietary fibre and the perfect base to add more nutritious ingredients each pack is resealable for storage and come with 8 wraps. #PerfectForLittleFingersCampaign The campaign aims to inspire parents with creative ideas on crafting healthier kids’ recipes with their little ones. To achieve this, Mission engaged parenting and bento influencers shared their great ideas for snacks and meals at home as well as creative back to school lunchbox ideas. The kid-friendly recipes are also perfect for little ones to make healthy meals that they love from a young age teaches them to make healthier food choices as they grow. Celebrity Masterchef Abang Brian has been engaged as the lead influencer to spread awareness on the new campaign on Mini Wraps and to help parents get their kids involved in the kitchen. He will be sharing three great recipe ideas on his own platforms and will also hold a workshop for winners of a contest rn by Mission Foods on its social media platforms.

About Mission Foods

Mission Foods is a subsidiary of GRUMA S.A.B de C.V. GRUMA began its operation in Mexico in 1949. GRUMA is the indisputable worldwide leader in corn flour and tortilla wrap production, with operations in United States, Mexico, Central America, Venezuela, Europe, Australia, China and Malaysia. With the backing of Gruma’s global technology and resources, Mission Foods has grown to become one of the largest producers of tortilla wrap products, producing almost a quarter of all the flatbreads sold in the world and offers a full line of the highest quality tortilla wraps to satisfy every taste –  from the freshest – tasting flour and corn tortillas to their popular whole meat, multi-grain and fat free varieties.

In Malaysia , Mission Foods offers its range of Wraps, Naan, Pita, Pizza Crusts, Chips and Corn Strips in most leading supermarkets. Mission Mini Wraps Fact Sheet The all new Mission Mini Wraps are Malaysia’s irst kid-friendly sized wraps are smaller to sit little appetites and perfect for little fingers to handle and hold, they are also low in sugar, and a source of dietary fibre – just what mums want and kids need !

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