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by - June 09, 2021

Best Online Free Games At | When the Lockdown was announced a couple of days ago, not everyone is so pleased, the worries, loss of patience, stressful and everyone believe that will be prolonged same as the previous MCO. The daily routine of getting up and eat then lay down, watching the movie, watch youtube, and being unproductive will happen again for the next 14 days. The fear that it will be extended is so tremendous.

But as for me, it’s lucky that days before the government imposed the MCO 3.0, I found this online game web Plays.Org which was recommended by a friend. So I shared this with everyone so that you can get some joy and forget those stressful routines during the lockdown and enjoy the days!

Best Online Free Games At

Well, browsing through games on the web, reminds me of my childhood days, when my dad would take us to the carnival (we call it funfair) and gives us the chance to play games like Spin the wheel, shoot the bear, ball throwing, and many more. It's not cheap but well my dad wouldn't mind spending it on his children. For us, we care less about the monies spent but we had fun and feeling not enough as the funfair will stop operating at midnight. It operates from 7 and every day but of course, going every day means that my dad had to work extra then. sigh. 

Best Online Free Games At

It’s not hard to notice the funfair, as it is not far from my house and we could hear the loud music, the bright light to attract and could see the gigantic wheel similar to Ferris Wheel moving and spinning. Yeah, that is the identity of every funfair

There’s an entrance fee and also a different fee for each ride and each game. The compound is so packed with the young, kids, and adults.  I care less about it since I’m so excited to play games with hopes that I can get toys, dolls, or teddy bears. While playing we hardly can speak and hear properly because the music is so loud. 

Best Online Free Games At

As time change, then came the trend of brick game consoles, a plastic electronic game powered by AA batteries. It has a bunch of simple games like Tetris, car racing, tank, snake, and Brick Breaker. Since that is the only unit my dad had bought, so we have to wait for our turn. Often happen that the battery is low when I finally get the console. Imagine that I have to share the console with 5 of us and the sad part is when my dad comes back late and forgot to buy the battery..haha

Best Online Free Games At

Having the game cartridge with over 100 games in it makes the day more interesting and fun. The console comes in many shapes with different prices. To start playing, you need to insert the cartridge onto the slot, the console that is wired to the television, you then can choose the game from the list shown on the screen. My favorite is of course Super Mario. 

After using it many times, the cartridge does get malfunctions. Usually, we need to pull it out and put it back in again and again until the console able to read. Sometimes, they don’t work at all and when this happens, I lose my patience, end up throwing the cartridge on the floor and that’s the end of the cartridge. 

Best Online Free Games At

Then time changed again where we become so obsessed with an arcade game that occupies shopping mall. There were game machines for various games, such as motor races, car races, pinballs, and many more. It is very costly but the graphic image is clear and superb. We end up spending so much money and become addicted.

Phew...that is quite some experience I had on games and how time flies!

Feeling super excited to share the fun I had when I found out about and this online game web put me off from thinking about MCO. What would you expect when I have more than 100 online games to play every day!

Never cross my mind that I could have a similar experience again, playing those old-time games in Love it so much when I can be in a relaxed situation, playing without a glitch, from my mobile phone.

The only thing that you need to make sure that the internet connection works well.

Best Online Free Games At

Guess what! I found Zuma, my favorite game on the web. Well, it is The Sorcerer, an inspired game by Zuma. Back in the days when I lost focus to create the product and way to ease myself, I would play Zuma.

Best Online Free Games At

I recommend you guys to try the site beside you get back the good old time fun and importantly there is no interruption from any advertisement at all.

Best Online Free Games At

Search for your favorite game here and it will give the option to a game similar or inspired game

Besides that, you do not need to download the game either on your desktop, laptop, or smartphone. Just open the web, pick your game and start playing. Close the browser when you are done. No need to cramp your mobile phone memory at all!

Not like other online games, does not require you to register nor giving your details to play. No more being paranoid at all.

Perhaps you may find your own favorite game that reminds you of your childhood. You can choose from the category-based navigation at the footer of the site.

Best Online Free Games At

Some people said that playing a game is a waste of time and not healthy and makes you lazy but as for me, playing the game is about planning, focus, observation, and skill to win. Don’t just play the game but do some exercise too.

A gentle reminder, playing the game is addictive so is when you play the online game in make sure you know your limit, plan your time, play the game wisely and be healthy

As for me, I am happy that I have a site to cheer me from my hectic routine and can play the game while waiting for the laundry or even before I doze off. 

I have found my 'me time' here and I bet you will too!

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