Elevete Patisserie Father's Day Collection - An Admiration To All Father

by - June 17, 2021

Show your Admiration for Father with Elevete Patisserie Father’s Day Collection | Homegrown patisserie brand, Elevete Patisserie has exclusively launched their Father’s Day collection. This special collection is available from now to the 30th of June.

Elevete Patisserie Father’s Day collection offers three whole cakes for all the cool daddies out there. 

Show your Admiration for Father with Elevete Patisserie Father’s Day Collection

First on the menu is Midnight Sin. Beneath the reflecting surface of the cake is a layer of beautifully aerated dark chocolate ganache, mirroring fathers’ stern yet caring demeanour. This rich temptation of bittersweet mousse is divinity in its own right. 

Show your Admiration for Father with Elevete Patisserie Father’s Day Collection

As our fathers grow older, most of them tend to develop an acquired taste for something less sweet. Gratify your father with our Hazelnut Burnt Butter Cake, a hidden charred flavour cake topped with crunchy hazelnut and cookie crumbles. Suit it with a cup of aromatic coffee to put a smile on your father’s face, giving him that relaxation he needs. 

Show your Admiration for Father with Elevete Patisserie Father’s Day Collection

To melt your father’s heart, impress him with this sophisticated Blackforest Cake which we have elevated the German recipe up a notch with crumbly streusel base. We often say that our father is the pillar of strength in the family. This edition of premium cherry compote holds everything together to form an intricate combination of flavours, resembling the joy of a strong and close-knit family.

We have thought it through for you. Father needs coffee to balance up the sweetness you indulged him with. Show your father the respect you have for him by brewing him an aromatic cup of Milkyway Drip Bag Coffee by Ghostbird Coffee. This month, Elevete Patisserie is collaborating with Ghostbird Coffee to offer you this Chocolate aroma coffee drip bag at a discounted price. Each box comes with six sachets of drip bags, each packed with a blend of Brazilian and Indonesian coffee beans, freshly roasted and grinded for your doting father.

Elevete Patisserie Father’s Day collection needs to be ordered 24-hour in advance. This collection of desserts is now available online on Elevete Patisserie’s official website for you to pre-order. Check out https://www.elevete.com.my/collections/fathers-day or contact 018-3703770 or email hello@elevete.com.my to place your order for your beloved father.

About Elevete Patisserie

Elevete Patisserie aims to deliver the most delectable desserts the culinary world has to offer, which is why we ensure that each and every order that leaves our kitchen, is guaranteed to both visually entice and excite any flavour palate.

The name, Elevete, was derived from the desire to take modern-day desserts and put them on a pedestal of their own, hence the non-stop pursuit for new methods and combinations of ingredients to create sweets that would catapult taste buds to new heights.

Website: https://www.elevete.com.my/

Elevete Patisserie is also available on Cakerush, Cake Together, Foodpanda, Beepit and Grab 

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  1. rasanya sedap tak? rupanya nampak menyelerakan :)

    tgk misai kat kek tu, terkenang Abah aida. misainya now da beruban.
    few months dah tak jumpa ni hu hu hu :(

  2. Ya ampun…. Kek coklat tu aku tak tahan laaaaa tgkkkk

  3. Tengok kek pun dah tau mesti sedap sungguh. Puas hati kalau dapat hadiahkan kat orang tersayang ni.

  4. Cake semua nampak yummy n delicios sangat... Untuk bapa-bapa dapat cake sedap !

  5. Kalau dekat dah order dah ni. Kek dengan kopi memang padu. Bestnya..

  6. Kek dia semua nampak menarik.senang boleh order online je. Siap boleh hantar

  7. alahai, terus rasa nak makan kek.
    sabarlah wahai diri yang sedang struggle nak turunkan 10 kg berat badan..
    semoga december ni, lemak2 degil hilang, so bolehlah layan makan sepotong kek.

  8. Aduhhhhh dia pnya kek tu mangancam habis

  9. Terliurnya tengok kek ituu. Bestnya ada promosi sempena hari bapa, yang terdekat boleh grab promo nih .

  10. omo all the cake looks delicious and premier. gonna check out their site now!

  11. 1st gambar cake tu sangat menggoda.. terliur sekejap


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