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Hassle Free While Travelling Anywhere And Get Covid Test At Own Convenience

Hassle Free While Travelling Anywhere And Get Covid Test At Own Convenience | When our government has announced that 1 April 2022 will be the start of endemic, many of us seem on standby beforehand to travel abroad when the borders are officially open on the same date. It’s been a suffering 2 years to most avid traveler and the time has come for them to start travelling again

Then travelers get worried with the process, the test they need to get before they are able to travel again.  I get many frequent questions from friends and family who are confused as to what’s the easiest procedure for them to travel within Malaysia and abroad even though they know that I am no longer a travel consultant. However, I do get information from friends from the industry who experience issues like waiting longer hours at the airport when coming back from an overseas trip. It is important to know and get the right information so that we will have an easy time and peace of mind while travelling and returning.

Hassle Free While Travelling Anywhere And Get Covid Test At Own Convenience

For those who wish to travel abroad, I would recommend eMedAsia, the one-stop center as your preferred health, Covid & travel assistant so you will have peace of mind before travel and upon arrival. With eMedAsia, you need not to worry as you are able to book both RTK-Ag and PCR tests directly via eMedAsia.com or travellers.eMedAsia.com prior to your travelling dates depending on the requirements of the specific destination country or airline. These RTK tests or PCR test is available in all clinics nearby or you can also get it done in the airports if you missed to do earlier

About eMedAsia

eMedAsia owned by HS Bio in partnership with Koperasi Persatuan Perubatan Malaysia (KOOP MMA), an investment vehicle for members of the Malaysian Medical Associations (MMA). MMA is the main representative body for registered medical practitioners in Malaysia.

There were about 2,500 MOH recognized general practitioners (GPs) nationwide on board emedasia.com

As eMedAsia customers, travelers get to skip the Airport Test Queue with Online Pre-Booking for your On-arrival RTK Tests through MySafeTravel.gov.my. The test process can be done at any time, anywhere at your convenience.

There are numbers of benefits that you can enjoy as eMedAsia customers namely

  1. Able to skip the long queue, meaning you avoid crowds in airport testing while minimizing the risk of COVID-19 exposure.
  2. The RTK or PCR swabbing on site can be arranged at your convenience i.e. the hotel you stay or just go to the nearest clinic.
  3. The charges for Professional RTK-Ag performed at clinics is only RM70 f0r Malaysia and  RM90 for foreigners 
  4. The services are affordable 
  5. There were over 2,500 registered members nationwide and they are reliable, registered medical doctors recognized and approved by MoH & KOOP MMA
  6. Travelers also need not to worry as these RTK-Ag tests and PCR test with results will be updated directly to MySejahtera by the medical doctors or clinic you visit
  7. No more clinics or hospital visits and you can perform your RTK or PCR test at anytime, anywhere at your convenience
  8. eMedAsia have partnered with CLEA Technology (CLEADOC) for virtual Covid screening test where the app users can easily perform pre-departure or on-arrival RTK test at any time anywhere, sync with the MySejahtera status update.
  9. Services on blood & diagnostics tests are also available

It is confirmed that eMedAsia will soon introduce and launch Covid-19 Insurance by the end of April which I believe will be the most interesting news for everyone, especially eMedAsia customers.

For more information on products and services by eMedAsia.com and related, check the following links

  • Emedasia.com - for booking the RTK tests at clinics. This is the main website where you can find all of their services.

So now travelers can travel at peace and need not worry in fulfilling the requirement to cross borders with the initiative and services made by eMedAsia by getting the covid-19 test at any time and anywhere at our convenience.

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