Arghhh..another pack and occupied weekend again! 07.10.10 need to be at the bridegroom place for beriniai kecil and small celebration for Miya 10th birthday and in all ends at almost 2am.   Hheheh. Then on Friday morning of 08.10.10 to Masjid Muaz bin Jabal for akad nikah and on 09.10.10 followed by the wedding reception.  Tired, exhaused just cant imagine!
Iesha at Novotel on 10.10.10 posing while waiting for Arisman
On 10.10.10 rushed to Pasar Keramat for wet marketing then out again about 1000hrs to Novotel to meet up with Mr Arisman.  After meeting for abt half hour rushed back home to prepare curry mee for Darling Hubby's niece.  Wow wat a day!

11.10.10  Happy 4th Birthday to sweetie Nur Iesha Nadira.