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November 23, 2010

Stop Child Abuse

As a human and specifically as a mother, I really want everyone concern in making sure that no more child abused.  As an adult and civilized human, we should put this to a stop and protect them from being harmed especially for sexually abused.

It is difficult task but someone and somewhere we have to put a stop to ensure that our young generation will lead to a better lifes

There has been much controversy about, good touch, bad touch, education. What age should the child be introduced to this lesson? Who is allowed to bathe the child, it is OK if the health care provider has to look or examine. The emotional maturity of the child must be taken in consideration. As well as the parental presentation, and how they deliver the message.
We must teach and educate without inducing fear and creating stranger phobia. We want our children to know there are many good people in the world at the same time, know when to communicate when situations go awry.
My dream is that we start out early educating our children. Role modeling good parental discipline with love and nurturance. This will carry over to the next generation. Parents who become so angry that they emotionally berate a child or they are physically assaultive are all forms of abuse. One does not have to actually touch a child to be abusive. Appropriate expression of anger is very important. The emotion “anger” gets a bad rap in our society. It is associated with emotional and physical violence. to another.
By educating our children on communication techniques,on realistic awareness of strangers not the old ,”stranger danger” mantra we can empower them to be stronger and hopefully avoid further abusive environments. Our children need to have a foundation of good values role modeled by the parents and have a safe harbor for them to go to.
Recognize their feelings, never diminish or minimize how one is truly feeling. Only through work, and effort will this take place. Then we can hope through future generations we can make a dent in the ugliness of child abuse.
I just wanted to write a page about ways that we can prevent children from suffering at the hands of abusers. From what I have learned over the years in my research is that there are a few things parents, teachers, babysitters, childcare providers, and other people in communities should do if they want to help children.
  • Talk to children about their home life. Just a simple conversation will do but we need to get back to asking "How are you?" "Is everything at home okay?" "How is your family? (mom, dad, siblings)" Any question that will let the child tell you about their life at home. Be sure to listen.
  • Tell children about inappropriate touches. Let them know that their body is not to be touched in any way that makes them uncomfortable or hurts and that it doesn't matter who it is; they shouldn't be touched on any private area of their body. Don't only say that adults shouldn't do it to them because a lot of abuse stories are of a child being molested by other kids or teens like siblings, cousin, peers and etc. Be sure to stress the importance of 'telling' if they are being molested, no matter the age or relation of the abuser, whether it's a sibling, cousin, aunt, uncle, parent, or stranger; teach them to tell someone they trust if they are hurt and never be afraid or keep it a secret. *Most abusers get away with it because they scare their victims into keeping it a secret.
(Please read Darlene's comments on this issue; you'll find them at the Comments link below.)
  • If you suspect child abuse or you know it's for help and do not give up until you know that child(ren) is safe!!!!

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