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Your Children’s Learning Companion | baba baa Releases New Book & Plushie Companion

Your Children’s Learning Companion | baba baa Releases New Book & Plushie Companion | The latest book from popular children’s brand baba baa is now available for purchase online in Malaysia. Press’N’Learn Wacky Animals and Fruits is a tri-lingual, early learning resource for children and their families to open up kids’ world to numbers, animals, fruit, and more importantly, early language and sentence building structures; all helping young learners to grow in a multicultural environment.

Your Children’s Learning Companion | baba baa Releases New Book & Plushie Companion

The book, furthering the popular pedagogical approach employed by other baba baa books, enables children to hear, see, read, and follow age-appropriate vocabulary and simple sentence building structures; introducing them to new fruit, animals, numbers, colours, and sentence development. As they are guided through the imagery and the press’n’learn sounds, young learners can branch out and create new sentences by substituting different words and objects along the way.

Your Children’s Learning Companion | baba baa Releases New Book & Plushie Companion

Vibrantly illustrated to ensure plenty of talking and learning points, the book is a learning journey for children. Hours of fun, the book embraces childrens’ natural curiousity to both explore and mimic, and allow them to pick up common words in our locally-spoken languages, even if the parents aren’t too familiar themselves. Kids learn by hearing and repeating (modelling) and through scaffolding – having structures unfold in front of them for them to follow.

Creator of the baba baa series, Lok Lee Jiun noted “it is at the youngest ages that children pick up language skills the fastest and most effectively, and the baba baa resources allow children to naturally explore, connect with, and use language relevant to their communities. It also provides a bridge to language for the children, even when their parents may not be so equipped to help them with this. Playing the sound bites associated with each image, as well as the sentence-builder approach, encourages children to mimic words and sentence structures, and develop connections in their mind to learn and use these more effectively”.

Also available is our mascot ‘Super baba baa’ as a gorgeous companion plushie for your children, available both in cuddle size (toy) and portable size (keyring). A companion that will always delight, ‘Super baba baa’ can join childrens’ learning journey in physical reality as well as on paper.

Using the Press’N’Learn Wacky Animals and Fruits book with your kids is easy. Simply:

1. Turn on the switch at the back of the book;

2. Press the desired language from the options at the top of the book – English, Malay,


3. Press GO!

Let your kids explore how to ‘sound out’ words, then sentences, all while exploring the creative artwork.

Hey presto, your kids are having fun, they are learning, and trying the sounds and structures. With more and more time at home recently, and far less social interaction for children to pick up languages, why not embrace the companionship of Super baba baa and their fantastic learning resources to help keep your child’s language learning and development?

The Press’N’Learn Wacky Animals and Fruits book can be purchased online at Shoppee, Lazada, or via their website at

About baba baa

Born out of a mother’s love for her children to experience elements of her own cultural upbringing, baba baa started as a single curated book of popular Malay archipelago folktales and nursery rhymes, and grew, with her family, into a broader range of educational resources for younger children to develop their cultural and linguistic awareness and confidence.

From feedback with other parents enjoying the first book with their families, a clear theme emerged; these books elicited from their children the love of play and tactile interaction, and the special role this approach plays in a child’s development – replacing screen time with a more practical and inquisitive option was a hit for children. A subsequent folktale book was curated, then a tri-lingual visual and audio dictionary, and most recently, a sentence-builder book, along with merchandise, and further resources in development. baba baa’s approach recognises that young children learn sounds and songs well before they learn word association and sentence building; thus taking a natural approach to developing the child.

Not only the mascot for the brand, ‘Super baba baa’ is a comforting and caring friend for children through their early learning journey. He is a trusted companion for children to recognise in both the books and merchandise; and as a plushie toy, a childhood companion that kids can keep with them for many years.

With a small but growing range of baba baa merchandise, and new pocketbooks in the making, ‘Super baba baa’ will be there as children grow and learn, and gain deeper understanding of the world around them - their trusted learning companion; with wholesome fun learning being at the heart of the brand’s goals.

About Lok Lee Jiun | Curator and Founder

Penang-born mother-of-two Lok Lee Jiun is a corporate lawyer turned cultural curator. After her first child, she encountered push button songbooks that were only in English, Japanese, and Korean, but none in Malay. Catching the entrepreneur bug, she toiled for almost two (2) years curating initial content, and finding manufacturers to create the first ever push button folksongs book in Malay, in order to fill this gap in the market. Market feedback combined with seeing the delight from her own children spurred the expansion of this range into other learning and language development resources.

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