Mobile Legends : Bang Bang League Of Heroes This Raya With Janna Nick, Hairul Azreen And Hun Haqeem | Game sakan? Janna Nick, Hairul Azreen and Hun Haqeem join the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang league of heroes this Raya. The largest online gaming community in Southeast Asia introduces new avatars to attract younger players during the annual 515 campaign.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, a mobile multiplayer battle arena with one of the largest gaming communities has announced its newest stars - Janna Nick, Hairul Azreen and Hun Haqeem to boost their 515 campaign this Raya.

Mobile Legends : Bang Bang League Of Heroes This Raya With Janna Nick, Hairul Azreen And Hun Haqeem

Developer MOONTON Games sees the selection of these celebrities as essential to their expansion plans as the global international gaming developer strengthens its Southeast Asian roots.

“Since our release in 2016, we have always acknowledged the Southeast Asian region as one of our main markets. Hence, we intend to assimilate our game to be as close as possible to the local cultures,” according to the official statement released by MOONTON Games today.

Introducing this season’s hottest heroic trio

“Janna Nick is one of the most talented celebrities in Malaysia with a plethora of achievements to her name. It’s amazing to see how energetic this young woman has been and we want our female players to identify with her strong character."

“Hairul Azreen is another name that doesn’t require any introduction among our Malaysian players. Known for his strong commitment for entertainment and martial arts, that makes him the perfect persona in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang”.

“As for Hun Haqeem, who hails from the great state of Sarawak, he adds more flavour to the Malaysian Citrawarna identity. With his youthful dynamic, he completes the MLBB 515 Trio this festive seasons."

The celebrities were chosen as they share some common characteristics with the corresponding MLBB Heroes:

Janna Nick as Wanwan

A multi-talented and musical streamer, Tangwanwan’s skill is dart-throwing . Her simple, outgoing and yet determined character will unveil her journey upon meeting Black-Dragon before the latter disappears. Find out why she accepts the invitation to M-World and chooses to fight in it.

Hun Haqeem as Ling

A highly skilled swordsman and a disciple of Dragon Master, Ling’s journey will take an unexpected turn in the game. The competitive and proud martial art expert will cross paths with Zilong and spark an intense duel. Find out why Ling’s friendship with Zilong soured along the way.

Hairul Azreen as Yin

An ardent and talented gamer in real life and in M-World, Yin has established his persona as a gaming genius who is also friendly and open-minded. However, don’t be fooled by his sanguine charms. Underneath it all, Yin is competitive and ambitious to dominate all kinds of games and emerge a champion. Find out if Yin finds more challenges as he enters M-World.

“WE is better than ME” - Get together, unite and party at the 515 annual event

The annual Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 515 M-World will commence from 12 April to 23 May 2022, to unite it's 100 million global active players (MAU) for a series of amazing in-game activities while reaping various rewards, through the following events:

  • 515 Carnival Party + 515 Flash Sale (12 April - 28 April)
  • Brand New Skins
  • 515 Login Bonus
  • All-new battle system: Creation Camp
  • Psionic Oracle (25 April - 16 May)

  • All Heroes Free Access (7 & 8 May)
  • Star Protection when teaming up with friends (15 April - 15 May)

Tangwanwan, Ling and Yin will be making their debut from 16 April 2022 onwards. 

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