KANDORA! Drumming It's Way To Unity Through Folklore Music | KANDORA! begins year 2023 by calling people from all over Malaysia to join them in fuelling unity through drumming. The name KANDORA! means a movement that promotes unity via drumming. “Drums of Unity” is what this group offers everyone —an opportunity to connect through the power and rhythm of music. Drumming circle for all skill levels, it can be easily and naturally played by the public without formal knowledge in music with the possibility to be played simultaneously by unlimited number of players. 

KANDORA! is trying to gather 2,000 participants to drum together using buckets and ladles at AEON Midtown Falim Shopping Centre on 21st January 2023. Imagine the unity spirit that we will feel with a steady and resonant beat echoing within the walls. Besides being a part of the biggest pail drumming record setting event for the Malaysian Book of Records, this event will also set another record in the memory of the unity for us as Malaysians.

KANDORA! Drumming It's Way To Unity Through Folklore Music

At the same time, “Hormat dan Harmoni” drumming tour will  be accentuating the values and message contained in the folklore lyrics to promote a sense of unity amongst Malaysian audiences. During the musical performance, drum pails will be arranged in the venue for the audience to participate in the drum circle. The performance will consist of a drum facilitator with a music band. 


      “In union there is strength.”

The audience will get to participate in the performance by using the pail and ladle provided hence making the performance very interactive. During the performance, KANDORA! will spread the unity message of “Hormat dan Harmoni” in which the audience comes together to experience drumming in harmony as one Malaysia regardless of age, gender, and race. 

KANDORA! subscribes to SDG 16 : Department of Economic and Social Affairs which focuses on promoting peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels. The “Hormat dan Harmoni” drumming tour comprises of three components — collaborative partnerships and capacity building programmes to support B40 communities and marginalised communities by giving out “Abundance bags” to the orphans and children, raising awareness and funds for the local performing arts community that have been greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic through sales of KANDORA! merchandise and last but not least, in the spirit of unity to create joy and prosperity during Chinese New Year celebrations, KANDORA! will be giving out prizes such as iPad, Huawei earbuds, smart watches and many more! 


Step 1 : Click this link, https://bit.ly/HormatNHarmoniDrummingTour and click on the button to the right side of your screen to reserve your spot.

Step 2 :    Post a unity message (pictures/videos) on your preferred social media platforms (Facebook/ Instagram/ TikTok) — the more your post, the more you increase your chances of wining!

Step 3 : Follow Kantan Drum Circle on Facebook/ Instagram/ TikTok

Step 4 : Hashtag #HormatHarmoni

Step 5 : Be there at AEON Midtown Falim Ipoh and be a part of our Malaysian Record “Hormat dan Harmoni” grand jam and go home with your name personalised and engraved on an NFT token!

The “Hormat dan Harmoni” drumming tour is supported by ArtsFas, Yayasan Hasanah, Ministry of Finance of Malaysia (MOF), Ipoh City Council (MBI), and Malaysian Indian Youth Council Buntong (MIYC) and AEON Big is the key partner by providing the venue and sponsoring the pails and ladle. Last but not least, the sponsors —Peaches N Pen, NIT Printing, Thinker Creative, Soul Mechanics, Rex Network Resources and Rosemary Floral and Gifts.

“Hormat dan Harmoni is a unity message that brings audience together to experience drumming in harmony as ONE Malaysia regardless of age, gender, and race. We are building a community of percussion enthusiasts to preserve and popularize local folklore songs through interactive drum circle in a congregation. --- Zufar Adzahan, Co-founder of KANDORA!.” 

To find out more information regarding KANDORA!’s latest news and events, kindly log onto KANDORA!’s Official Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/kandoramalaysia or check out Kandora!’s Official Instagram page at www.instagram.com/kantandrumcircle. KANDORA! always have something exciting planned for our community!

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. ”


Founded in 2022, KANDORA! is a movement to foster unity using the art of drumming. Unlike the usual Drum Circle, KANDORA! using the music melody from the Resident Band to fuel the spirit and fun of the participants when drumming en masse, not just the sounds of percussion beats without the support of melodious musical instruments. This advantage also gives a new perspective on the basic rhythms learned in Drum Circle activities. Participants have a more fun drumming "goal" that is a "play-along" to their favourite songs. This also gives KANDORA! an advantage because it helps to increase the variation of the performance by changing the melody of the song, instead of changing the variation of the percussion beat alone. In other words, KANDORA! is expected to last longer because it is more dynamic than its competitors. For more information please visit, https://www.facebook.com/kandoramalaysia

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