Brighter Skin After Dual Yellow Laser Treatment At Dr Chong Clinic

by - October 12, 2020

Brighter Skin After Dual Yellow Laser Treatment At Dr Chong Clinic | Its been quite sometime I did the skin treatment, think it was somewhere back in February. Seriously doing skin treatment excite me and guess everyone to see the difference before and after. Yes, the after result is the most important matter because everyone wants to look pretty, healthy skin, flawless skin and look young!

Frankly, I don't have much problem with my skin since young but since age is picking up, my skin become dull due to many factors such as hormones, sunlight etc.  The most hated problem I have had now is the get rid of the pigmentation and milia too. After much of thinking,  I choose to do the Dual Yellow Laser treatment for my dull skin for a more fairer complexion.

What is Dual Yellow Laser Treatment

The Dual Yellow Laser is FDA-approved for the treatment of vascular and benign pigmented lesions. It is based on an advanced copper bromide laser technology and is able to treat a wide range of skin conditions. It is also very efficacious for overall skin rejuvenation, leading to brighter and smoother skin

Using yellow and green light to target particular skin problem, Dual Yellow Laser is known as a non-ablative laser treatment where it does not burn away any skin nor affect the normal skin outside the targeted area.

There  is no side effect so do not worry.  However you may feel a slight burning or tightness sensation usually with very little pain. After the treatment, your skin may look red and flushed and some may experience some minor inflammation for up to 24 hours. Any redness can be covered immediately using mineral makeup

Benefits for Dual Yellow Laser

  • Brightening effect
  • Lighten dark spot
  • Skin rejuvanation
  • Acne scars
  • Even skintone
  • Increase Collagen production

My Experience 

There is no downtime and the side effect from the treatment is very minimal with just some red spot will appear but once soothing and hydrating, you skin will be back to normal.  There is no pain but you will feel quite a bit heat sensation on certain sensitive areas. Other than that, you feel relax when the doctor pamper your face.  The laser treatment is very fast which took about 30 minutes per session including soothing and serum appliance excluding consultation.

The Result

Just after one treatment I can see the my skin feeling fresher, my skin become smoother and soft, pigmentation becomes lighter making my skin much brighter, glowing and rejuvenate. The treatment helps to generate collagen that makes my skin become elastic. 

In continuation to care for my skin, I need to avoid direct sun exposure and apply sunblock everyday whenever I'm outdoor. Also don't forget to apply the right moisturizer to ensure your skin stay moisturized.

However one treatment is not enough to ensure the result of your good skin so it is best to consult the dermatologist and continue for the next session.

The Service

I am happy with the service the moment I stepped in the clinic, the staff and the qualified doctors are very friendly with cozy atmosphere. The best part is I can choose to have lady doctor so I highly recommend you to come and try the treatment here.

For those who are interested to get your skin treatment, get your here in any of Dr Chong's Clinic with an affordable price and good offer now since its their 4th anniversary.  Just go and make appointment at any of their branch or nearest to you and do mention code 'iamfuzy' for more discounts! Maybe you will be the lucky ones to win the great prizes too.

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  1. Nurul pernah buat laser treatment sekali and memang best la result dia. Tapi tulah nak buat banyak kali, ongkosnya besar ya. Hahaha.

  2. OK. ada menang kereta. nampak macam bagus treatment dia.


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