Who Says Online Games Are Not For Adult? | Our daily life is so full of stressful from busy schedules, the moment we wake up  until we are back to bed. The busy same routine really make so hard for us to have healthy work-life balance, which sometimes effecting our mental and physical.

Having the same issue, I always find ways to release from the hectic lifestyle and divert myself by playing online games, this is the way I stay away from being stressed and get less headache. I trust this is the best way for everyone do to, in way to ease and have fun, but what kind of online game that suits you is what you should find out.


Playing online games is not only for kids and youngster but adult too

You may have thought, ahh that is childish and immature, but if you don't try, of course you won't know what kind of games that will help you to stay calm and get motivated and thrill at the same time. Not only that, playing online games helps you to feel free from workload without leaving away from your laptop or desktop.

While working on my work, planning my retirement plan, I found out that website that I use for financial help is also having a section for games.

As I click on the section, it stated that the game is for kids on entrepreneur, business & money management video games but I did some hands on to see how it really worth for my kids. As a mother, I am always looking for something to help my children on developing thinking skills, smart actions in responding to problem, awareness of the environment and smart financial spending.


This is a logic video game that I got thrilled when trying to make movement on the blocks. The game look simple but it really need the player to think to make sure to finish it up before the battery runs out. Player will have to observe the robot start direction at the bottom of the screen and the robot's power. 

The initial direction shows the path upon which player should lay movement tiles to redirect the robot adn the power value show the maximum number of square the robot can move.

Player need to move the pieces form the lower right into the level. Once completed on laying directional pieces, you need to click the green and white play button to run the routine. Don't worry on making mistake as there is a stop routine that you can restart level buttons underneath the play routine button.

There are 32 levels that must be beaten in sequential order to unlock subsequent level. It's are real fun game to test your children on strategy.

Yes, playing Rubi's coding class really makes me anxious to keep going to the next level and then my daughter ask if she could play too, so I choose a game to test on how fast and her focus on finding objects with  Hidden Food game.


Hidden Food is a game where player need to find hidden objects, related foods or kitchen appliances. Sounds simple and easy rite? Yes, its seems easy where player need to look at the top of the game for time limit, required item that she must find, and how many of each item must be found.

She was so sharp and quick to spot all items required then keep play for next level. I see her at tense too when she reached the advance level, the game grow more difficult, needing more type of items,  more of each type of item, and the items on the board becoming more densely packed. But the will to find the items make her keep playing without stop.

Well, even it seems easy but she failed couple of times too but in this Hidden Food game, if you fail at any level, you can always replay to unlimited number of times. If you cannot find an item during the period of time, the one remaining items will wiggle back and forth, for the player to spot. 

This is the best for kids because when they fail, they get to retry many times and when they succeed, they jump in enjoyment. Not only that, player who finish up the game, can submit the score too.


The website is not only offer tools on financial, such as mortgage calculator but have include gaming section on their website.

There are many other games in this website, from on counting money, financial, run a business, food game, grow a virtual farm, software development games, home cleaning, environmental cleaning, buying and selling property, tower building game, office politics and many more.

Many of the games in this website is something similar to what  an entrepreneur or a business owner do in their daily lives. The games are not only just game but it how to make plans with money when running any kind of business.

Overall, I can say that this is the best website to play games while doing my work, its much fun because there is not pop up ads while playing. None at all!

I do hope that the website will soon in the future can include more games for adult player for more fun games such Pets game in one of the well know web, where we buy pets and competing  with other unknown player. Maybe not the same but something similar.

Online games do help me to distance from stressful thoughts and situations because it give you exciting scenarios to think about. Playing video game can help us to stay mentally sharp, increase creativity and reduce stress not matter how old you are. It's also to help you escape your troubles for a little while. Just take a breather, then go back to whatever is stressing you out and handle it calmly.

So guys, check the website and have fun like I do.