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Mobile Legends : Bang Bang 515 Animation Miniseries Hit 2M Views

NO, IT’S NOT JUST A PARTY! IT’S SOMETHING BIGGER! Southeast Asia’s largest MOBA mobile game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has created a whole new immersive experience in M-World for players during the 515 campaign!


The M-World frenzy hit Malaysia from 2 - 12 April 2022, bringing all players together to fight for victory! Multiple AR graffiti walls of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang were scattered across Kuala Lumpur & Johor Bharu to be explored by their fans! Passersby in Kuala Lumpur were enthralled by the painting at Jalan Tar and took pictures of the indie art showcase. The graffiti wall went viral on social media, encouraging people to look for the hidden QR code embedded in the graffiti wall to redeem free rewards. A group of five graffiti artists painted the mural artwork to represent the heart of 515 event - "We Better Than Me." 

The TikTok video of the graffiti wall on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s account accumulated over 1.1 million video views thanks to its edgy and futuristic painting style. Influencers from Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru even came to see and take selfies with the AR of Tang Wan Wan, posing with a peace sign.

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The 515 animation mini series amassed more than 2 million views on YouTube, making it a massive success! Revolving around fan favorites Tang Wanwan, Ling, and Yin as the core heroes for the series, the campaign received high praise from viewers, mentioning that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang are “stepping their game up” and have really “outdone themself this time”. 

To resonate with Malaysian fans, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang collaborated together with local celebrities like Janna Nick, Hairul Azreen, and Hun Haqeem to bring Tang Wanwan, Ying, and Ling to life! 

Here’s what they have to say about the 515 animation miniseries!

JANNA NICK: “The animation is so good and Wanwan is just amazing.”

HAIRUL AZREEN: “I wonder if I can be as cool as animation Yin.”

HUN HAQEEM: “It was super cool and I’m really excited to play this strong assassin! The animation is amazing and you guys should guess what will happen in the next video!” 


The celebrities’ public image naturally fits the characteristics description of our 515 heroes. 

When we look deeper into the game character of Tang Wanwan, we learn that she is a musician, singer and a streamer. Janna Nick is a singer and also happens to be one of Malaysia’s most charismatic actresses and she carries that image around in a strong manner. Well, that is a trait that we like to associate with Tang Wanwan.

Hun Haqeem nails the role of Ling as a competitive and stern sword-fighter. Ling is the most quiet and resilient game character out of them all and Hun Haqeem portrays him perfectly as he has the power to tell Ling’s story through his own silence. It’s a bonus that Hun Haqeem has some experience in karate. 

The game character of Yin is an open-minded and energetic player and Hairul Azreen steps up his game into that role well. Aside from being a firm believer of ‘The Best Never Rest’ mantra, Hairul Azreen possesses a fair share of knowledge on martial arts, making him the most suitable candidate to play Yin. He also happens to be a devoted gamer of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, so it’s fun to have a big fan on board too!

Winning 80 Million Playeres's Hearts!

In the last 30 days, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang had 80 million active players logged in! It is notably a massive positive reaction towards the 515 campaign due to the players being drawn to the ultimate trio game characters: Tang Wanwan, Ling, and Yin.

‘We Better Thann Me Remix !’ on TIKTOK 

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang also released two soundtracks: "We Better Than Me" and a solo remix of the 515 event theme song. The new song captured the hearts of TikTok users, as it was one of the trending songs on the platform. During the 515 event, there were multiple covers done by singers which garnered over 300K views!

M-World Became The Talk Of The Town !

From 13th April till 3rd May, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fans have been actively engaged with the action mini films of Tang Wanwan, Ling, and Yin, who were played by Janna Nick, Hun Haqeem, and Hairul Azree respectively. In particular, Janna Nick’s Tang Wanwan mini film won over 1 million views on Instagram and her TikTok and was met with a lot of love by her fans and followers. 

Mobile Legends : Bang Bang Hari Raya Video Was the Most Viewed Youtube Video !

In the spirit of Eid Mubarak, Video Hari Raya starring Janna Nick, Hairul Azreen, and Hun Haqeem officially became the most viewed video on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Malaysia’s YouTube channel with over 980K views in less than a month!

Janna Nick, Hairul Azreen, & Hun Haqeem attract Almost 1 Million View!

It is possible that the Malaysian actors are the key behind the massive amount of viewers that tuned in for Mobile Legends’ Video Hari Raya on YouTube. It’s also because this is the first time Janna Nick, Hairul Azreen, and Hun Haqeem share a screen together! 

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Not to forget about the well-received 515 animation miniseries, the fans expressed how Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has managed to rebrand itself each year and elevate their game in every way. Fans are even discussing the potential of the animation being a legit anime series!


In collaboration with Sunway Pyramid and The Curve, there were various contests and exclusive skins to be won. Brands such as Beam, Dominos, Touch ‘N Go, SAMSUNG Malaysia and more partnered up with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang to celebrate the 515 M-World event, bringing it one step closer to life for players. 

Exclusive Domino's Pizza deals with Mobile Legends : Bang Bang!

515 QR Code sticker on beam scooters!

Exclusive Touch ‘N Go card with Mobile Legends' Cover!

Mobile Legends' Contest with Cadbury Zip!

Mobile Legends : Bang Bang Graffiti Wall at Sunway Pyramid!

Malaysia finds its represensentative in ‘NO LANCELOT’ to compete on international stage for All-Star!

Team ‘No Lancelot’ is officially Malaysia’s All-Star champion! Now they will advance to the international stage of All-Star competition, where they will go head to head against teams from Philippines, Singapore, Myanmar, and Kemboja. The All Star competition will be attended by 210 hot streamers and influencers, as well as 5 blockbuster celebrities. The list includes Jess No Limit, ChooxTV, and Akosi Dogie. Fans and players will not want to sit this star-filled tournament out!


Established in 2014, MOONTON Games is a global company dedicated to gaming development, publication, and esports. With over 1000 employees worldwide, the company operates offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and mainland China. It has successfully launched several high-profile mobile games globally in more than 30 countries worldwide. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is its current star game and the leading mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) worldwide.

About Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is the most popular mobile Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game worldwide that brings communities together through teamwork and strategy. With over one billion installations and 105 million active monthly users, the award-winning game is among the top 10 most played in over 120 countries. With an extensive reach across the Asia Pacific region, the multiplayer is available in 190 countries with an expansive global esports presence.

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